Rotary packing accumulation tables

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Rotary accumulation tables & automation equipment Uk manufactured by Spaceguard Spaceguard is a UK manufacturer of a proven range of end of line packing rotary tables (lazy susan) products for the accumulation of products to allow operators time to pack … Read More

Employee Temperature Testing Station

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Fever Testing Station £499.95 Free mainland UK delivery Spaceguard manufacture a base welfare testing station. Which has been supplied to warehouses to allow the temperature testing of staff and visitors to be carried out safely from behind the barrier. This … Read More

5 Handy Workbench Storage Solutions

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Shelves A workbench storage solution that is rather straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of explanation is shelves. At Spaceguard we are able to make custom-sized, shaped, and angled industrial-strength shelves to suit your operations. For example, the bench pictured … Read More

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