How does (ESD) Anti static matting work?

ESD bench matting / anti static matting is designed to dissipate static charges from parts placed on the surface. It is primarily for working with sensitive electronics. It also provides surface protection for static sensitive items. For the mat to work correctly it needs grounding, allowing the charge to drain from the mat to ground.

ESD Worksurface mats also have a smooth or lightly embossed surface, we normally have them available in light colours (Standard Light blue). This allows for the user to see small components with ease. Ordinarily these mats usually have studs fitted in a corner for grounding the mat to the bench and earth.


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Spaceguard also manufacture ESD workbenches

As well as ESD bench matting, Spaceguard also offer ESD workbenches. Designed to meet the needs and requirements of the electronics industry, in addition to being a stable and sturdy workbench.  Manufactured in our UK  factory to your specifications Spaceguard ergonomic work stations are manufactured to suit your process, as a result Spaceguard ESD workstations increase production productivity.

Spaceguard is the ideal partner for electronics workbenches and production systems, manufacturing robust comprehensive electrical benches along with automation between, on, or within the workstations. Spaceguard electrical workstations are ideal for assembly, quality control, and also repair and testing. Anti static ESD Workbenches once grounded can be incorporated into a EPA. (Electrostatic protected area)

Due to the complex nature of ESD benches please contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirements and to also receive a free quotation .

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ESD bench matting keeps your electronics protected.