Warehouse Receiving

Warehouse receiving is an important process which is necessary to keep track of incoming stock. A good warehouse receiving process helps to maintain correct stock levels, and keeps the warehouse running smoothly. At Spaceguard we manufacture warehouse equipment to make the process faster and more efficient.

When items arrive at the warehouse they need to go through the receiving process, which consists of several steps to check the quantity and quality of incoming goods. Without the receiving process, incorrect quantities or damaged stock could enter the warehouse system. Once the items have been checked and counted, the stock can be allocated to the correct place within the warehouse.

We design and manufacture workbenches, workstations, and conveyor systems to enhance the receiving process.

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Why choose Spaceguard for your Warehouse Receiving Equipment?

For over a decade we have worked with large and small warehouses to enhance their receiving process. Our equipment is fully customisable to suit your business requirements. With a wide range of materials and accessories we can work with you to ensure your equipment is tailored exactly to meet your needs.

  • We offer a fully bespoke design service.
  • Our workbenches and packing tables have a robust fully welded frame.
  • We provide excellent customer service.
  • Products delivered ready for work.
  • Warehouse receiving equipment Installation available where required.
benches and roller conveyor

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Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

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