Weighing and Inspection

Weighing and inspection is an important part of the warehouse process. As items are coming into and leaving the warehouse they require some form of weighing or inspection.

For goods coming in, these need to be checked for overall quality, any damage, or incorrect quantities and weights. Similarly items leaving the warehouse need to be weighed to ensure the correct carriage costs.

A thorough weighing and inspection process can save the company money down the line by catching damaged products early, and ensuring correct carriage costs.

weighing and inspection roller conveyor
scales on weighing and inspection bench
weighing and inspection in warehouse

Weighing & Inspection Features

As a leading UK manufacturer of packing stations and packing benches, we have in depth experience of integrating a variety of weigh scales within our benches and conveyor systems.

  • Weigh scales built into or alongside packing benches
  • Roller conveyor weigh scale integration
  • Workstations with lighting and magnifiers for product inspection
workbench with weighing scales

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Why choose Spaceguard for Weighing and Inspection Equipment?

As a UK based packing solution and conveyor system manufacturer, we have extensive knowledge of the requirements of the warehousing industry.

Our team has experience designing warehouse equipment for large and small companies across the UK & Europe. As such we can design and manufacture conveyor systems, and warehouse workstations to suit your specific business requirements. For example, we can integrate weighing scales into roller conveyors or packing benches to suit your process.

Please contact our helpful sales team with your enquiries.

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