Case Conveyors

Spaceguard offers a wide range of case conveyors and box conveyors for handling cases, boxes, trays, packs, and crates.

Our high quality case conveyors are available with a frame of powder coated mild steel or stainless steel. We manufacture reliable roller conveyors including lineshaft driven roller and 24v powered roller conveyors. We also manufacture a versatile range of belt conveyors including modular plastic belt conveyors, standard belt conveyors, and inclined belt conveyors.

Case conveyors are generally used to improve efficiency and productivity by automating the transport of cases, boxes and similar containers between workstations. They are a versatile and cost-effective method for improving receipt, storage and dispatch operations.

We design and manufacture our conveyor range to the highest standards to suit customer requirements for most warehouse and industrial environments. Our knowledgeable team has a wealth of experience in providing box and case conveyor systems, and will be happy to assist you throughout the design and similarly the installation process if required.

Benefits of Using Case Conveyors

The use of a case or box conveyor systems can fully automate or speed up existing warehouse processes.

  • Prevents staff from spending too much time moving products about the warehouse floor
  • Reduces the risk of stock damage
  • Also reduces the risk of employee injury
  • Improves packing, picking & also sorting times
  • Automates the dimensioning, weighing, and sorting process
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Wide range of components and accessories available
  • Reduces Forklift traffic
  • Long distance conveying
  • Conveyor systems can also aid with product accumulation


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Types of Case Conveyors

Lineshaft Roller Conveyor

Lineshaft conveyors are a simple proven driven conveyor and also a low cost solution to many product transportation problems.

Spaceguard manufacture reliable lineshaft modules including straights, bends, merges and also switches. These can be combined with electrical controls as a conveyor system. We normally use precision bearings within the rollers to reduce noise levels.

The Lineshaft conveyor generally is a universal conveyor. Normally ideal for integration into conveyor systems carrying boxes or totes, and other flat bottomed unit loads.

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor

Modular belt conveyors are a robust type of flat belt conveyor where the belt is comprised of many interlocking modules as opposed to a synthetic fabric.

The modular belt's interlocking modules are made from durable materials which makes them particularly suitable for arduous environments.


Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyors provide an efficient and reliable solution for transporting totes, boxes, packets, cartons and also irregular shaped objects.

We manufacture a wide range of reliable belt conveyor systems at our UK based factory. From light duty belt conveyors, through to medium and heavy duty conveyors suited for e-fulfilment packing, factory, production line, and also warehouse & logistics operations.

24V Powered Roller Conveyor

24 Volt powered roller conveyors manufactured by Spaceguard are available as both fixed drive transportation conveyors and zero line pressure powered accumulation conveyors.

We can provide these as straights and bends, with merges in addition to switches.


Case Conveyors Frequently Asked Questions


Many of our products arrive fully assembled and ready for work and require no specialist installation. For larger projects however our team is available for installing and also setting up your equipment when required. Our sales team will be happy to discuss installation options with you when placing your order.

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We use our trusted delivery partners to collect items directly from our factory. Once an order has been placed we will normally provide a preliminary delivery date based on our current production schedule. Once the order is ready for dispatch we will then contact you either by phone or email to confirm the arrival date and time. Please let us know if there is any information required for our drivers to access your site.

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