Conveyor Belt System & Packing Benches (Recent Project)

The Spaceguard installation team recently completed this project on site for an online retailer. The products supplied included a belt conveyor, a driven roller bend, a gravity conveyor, and a number of packing workbenches complete with packaging roll holders, bench mounted packing cutters, and storage shelving with dividers. The packing line was designed for products to leave the storage area and travel to the packing workstations. Once packed and ready for dispatch the boxes can then travel down the conveyor … Read More

Bespoke Ball Transfer Tables (Recent Project)

This bespoke ball table consists of a number of single units designed to be bolted together as shown in the picture below. For more options please see our ball table page. Bespoke Ball Table Features: Multiple modules that fit together Balls set at 150mm Square Pitch Side guides & outfeed How does a ball transfer table work? Items placed on the ball table will glide smoothly over the surface when pushed. Heavy components, machine parts and motors can be transported … Read More

Workbench with Storage (Recent Project)

Fully welded ESD workbench with storage Spaceguard are a UK based workbench and workplace equipment manufacturer. In this post we look at another of our recently completed projects focusing on workbenches with multiple storage options. In many work environments the workspace can become cluttered and untidy. A workbench with sufficient storage designed to suit the user and the application can be a quick and easy way to clean up the workspace and improve productivity through better organisation. Workbench Features: Dimensions … Read More

Packing Line: Conveyor Belt & Bespoke Benches (Recent project)

Spaceguard recently designed, manufactured, and installed this packing line for one of our customers. It features a 20 metre conveyor belt and roller conveyor in addition to 20 bespoke packing benches. The packing benches include packaging storage, in addition to louvre panels, open front drawers, roll holders, keyboard trays, and monitor brackets. The bench worktops are at the ideal height for packaging and then sliding packages off onto the conveyor belt. From here they travel towards the roller conveyor, where … Read More

Flower Packing Conveyor Belt (Recent Project)

Spaceguard recently installed three 15 metre long packing conveyor belts for a flower packing business. Our team travelled to the site with the conveyors part assembled and were able to finish the assembly on site. Contact Us If you or your business is in need of a conveyor belt please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Heavy Duty Steel Workbench ( Recent Project )

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This robust heavy duty steel workbench was manufactured and sent out recently to a UK engineering company. This work bench is one of our extra heavy duty steel benches, constructed from a mild steel frame with a strong mild steel work bench top. We offer vices for our woodworking and engineering workbenches. This particular bench has an 8kg engineers vice. We are also able to manufacture stainless steel workbenches unpainted for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Steel Workbench Key … Read More

Work Bench with Sockets ( Recent Project )

This work bench with sockets is another one of our bespoke workbenches for a UK based power tools company. As with all of our electrical and heavy duty benches this was designed and manufactured entirely to suit the customers requirements. Work Bench Features: Measures 2000 x 900 x 850mm Castors (wheels) Birch plywood top Louvre panel (left) Plain steel back panel (powder coated RAL 7035) 4 x Steel Drawers Angled trunking along back edge 2 x 110V double sockets 2 … Read More

Modular Belt Packing Conveyor System ( Recent Project )

This packing conveyor system we designed and manufactured for an agricultural supplies company. It comprises of a number of workbenches with a modular belt conveyor. Employees can be situated at the benches preparing and packaging products for dispatch. These products can then in turn be pushed onto the modular belt conveyor. From here they can then be collected for further processing or dispatch. Modular Belt Conveyor Features: 6000 x 532 x 900 mm Shaft mounted geared motor Control Panel Photo … Read More

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