Small & Micro Belt Conveyors

Small, short or narrow conveyors manufactured by Spaceguard provide a low cost transport solution where a standard belt conveyor or wide belt would be unsuitable. We offer high quality, proven designed and reliable equipment to a wide range of industries. Generally our conveyors are manufactured from mild steel, however stainless steel options are available for food and pharmaceutical use.

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Why use a small or narrow belt conveyor?

Small belt conveyors are generally ideal for transporting small parts. Short or narrow conveyor belts are also used for linking pieces of machinery or equipment in a wide range of assembly, production, and manufacturing environments.

Spaceguard can manufacture small, micro, or miniature belt conveyors to suit any environment. We use proven designs for our small belt conveyors to ensure we product a well made, reliable, and robust product.

If you're interested in a small conveyor please get in touch with our helpful design & sales teams. They will happily advise you on the best materials and specifications to suit your business requirements. Our team has many years experience in designing and building conveyors for a wide range of industries and environments. Above all Spaceguard want to ensure that you are getting the best bespoke product to suit your needs.

Please contact sales by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Phone: 01482 363445

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Spaceguard manufacture small & narrow belt conveyors to suit your requirements.