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Essential Packing Table Accessories to Streamline Your Packing Process

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Working in warehousing, logistics, or despatch, you know having the right packing table accessories can make all the difference in optimising your packing process. 

Below, we compare the essential packing table accessories that can help streamline your packing operations, boost productivity, and enhance your overall packaging experience.

What Are the Core Components of an Efficient Packing Station?

At the heart of any well-organised packing area is a sturdy and versatile packing bench or table. These workbenches serve as the foundation for your packing process, providing a stable surface for assembling, wrapping, and preparing items for shipment.

But to truly optimise your packing station, you need to equip it with the right accessories. These add-ons can transform a basic work table into a highly efficient packing hub, ensuring all of your necessary tools and materials are within easy reach.

Which Accessories Are Essential for Your Packing Table?

Roll Holders and Dispensers

One of the most crucial packing station accessories is a set of roll holders and dispensers. These versatile attachments can accommodate a range of packaging materials, including:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Kraft paper
  • Shrink wrap
  • Foam sheets

Roll dispensers keep your workstation tidy. You can easily access and cut materials to size, reducing waste and improving efficiency. Depending on your setup, you can mount the dispensers to your station or keep them in a separate free-standing rack. 

Packaging Cutters

Speed up your packaging process with a packaging cutter. This accessory typically has a rotary blade design, so it’s ideal for straight cuts through materials like bubble wrap. Plus, having the cutter built right into the table eliminates the need to reach for separate tools like scissors, saving time and effort.

Storage Bins and Shelves

Keeping your packing area organised is key to maintaining a smooth workflow. Incorporating packing accessories like box dividers or pull out shelves into your packing table design helps keep smaller items, such as labels, staplers, and pens, neatly arranged and easily accessible.


Consider adding drawers to your packing bench for storing larger tools or paperwork. Drawers keep frequently used supplies within reach, protect them from damage, and free up valuable work surface space. 

Ergonomic Accessories

Your workers’ well-being should be at the top of your mind. Packing stations with adjustable features can help with that. Benches with adjustable height settings promote ergonomic working postures, while anti-fatigue mats minimise discomfort and strain from prolonged standing. Additionally, adjustable task lighting ensures optimal visibility for all packing tasks, leading to greater accuracy and efficiency.

Measuring Devices

Adding a scale to your packing station allows workers to weigh packages quickly and accurately. Similarly, built-in rulers or tape measures can help ensure packages and materials are the right size.

What Mobility Options Are Available for Packing Stations?


Adding castors to your packing bench means you can easily relocate it in your warehouse or packing area. This flexibility can be particularly useful in dynamic work environments.

Warehouse Trolleys

If your packing table itself doesn’t require mobility, consider a separate warehouse trolley instead. From picking and shelf trolleys to boxed and caged trolleys, there are multiple models to choose from. If you require something specific, a manufacturer like Spaceguard can design and produce a bespoke trolley according to your specifications. 

How Can Conveyor Systems Integrate With Packing Stations?

Spaceguard’s expertise in conveyor systems helps you seamlessly integrate your packing benches with conveyor rollers. This combination can create a highly efficient packing line, with items moving smoothly from the conveyor to the packing station and then onto dispatch.

How Can You Customise Your Packing Station for Specific Industries?

  • Electronics packing – For businesses dealing with electronic components, consider adding ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) worktops and accessories to protect sensitive items during packing.
  • Food and pharmaceutical packaging – In industries with strict hygiene requirements, stainless steel packing benches and accessories are a good choice because they’re easy to clean and sanitise.
  • Heavy-duty applications – For warehouses dealing with larger, heavier items, reinforced packing tables with higher UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) capacities and solid accessories are available.

Accessorise for Success with Spaceguard

Investing in the right packing table accessories can significantly enhance your packing efficiency, improve workplace organisation, and boost overall productivity. 

Spaceguard’s range of packing benches, workstations, and accessories offers a versatile and customisable solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. We can help you design and implement your ideal packing setup. 

By carefully selecting the right combination of packing table accessories, you can create a streamlined, ergonomic, and highly efficient packing environment that meets your exact requirements and helps your business thrive in the competitive world of logistics and dispatch.

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