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Spaceguard is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of warehouse equipment. Our team has well over a decade of experience in planning, designing, and manufacturing robust innovative industrial workplace equipment.

Our customers look to us for fitting and furnishing their warehouse spaces, factories, fulfilment centres, and other packing environments. We supply a wide range of standard and bespoke warehouse equipment, including packing stations, conveyors, and fully welded industrial shelving.

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Warehouse Equipment 

  • All equipment manufactured to order in the UK
  • 3D drawings and layouts provided
  • Competitive pricing
  • Equipment delivered fully assembled or installed by our team

We manufacture all products to order to suit your requirements

Warehouse Packing Benches

As simple or as complex as your packing process requires.

We manufacture simple fast ship benches, or complete packing workstations with all the needed built in equipment.

Our benches are made to order allowing you to design a bench to suit your packing operation. Many of our benches have included shelves with dividers, roll holders, cutters, printer shelves, overhead lighting, integrated weighing scales, cupboards, drawers, peg boards & louvre panels, electrical sockets, and even more.

Our team is available to offer fast quotations, and to help guide you throughout the design process.

Industrial Workbenches & Workstations

Made to fit your space and installed by our on-site team where required.

We manufacture strong workbenches, workstations, and raised team leader workstations for many warehouse spaces across the UK. Where required we are able to work with you to perfect the design for the individual application. Whether your requirement is for one-off bespoke or 100-off standard. Spaceguard manufactures durable robust workbenches, which are competitively priced.


Belt, gravity, driven roller, modular & more.

We are a conveyor manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing reliable conveyor systems for all environments. Our team has extensive experience in process optimisation and layout design, and we always work closely with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they need at a competitive price in the shortest lead time possible.

Please see our conveyor categories page to find out more.

Team Leader Workstations & Podiums

Designed to fit your space and installed by our on site team where required.

Team leader workstations provide a raised platform to oversee warehouse operations and offer protection from fork lift trucks. The area can also often used for the centralisation of expensive IT or operational equipment charging.

Industrial Steps & Platforms

Designed and made to measure for your space and installed by our team where required.

Industrial steps and platforms are robust and manufactured to suit your application or environment.

Warehouse Industrial Trolleys

Trolleys designed and built to suit your specific requirements. Whether used for packing, storage or transport. Spaceguard-manufactured trolleys are robustly built from formed and welded steel section. Finished with epoxy powder-coated paint and also fitted with durable caster wheel to suit the application.

Picking Trolleys & Small Trolleys

As big or small as you need, designed to suit your space or products

Trolleys and cages are essential in most warehouse spaces for efficiently transporting smaller volumes over smaller distances. Choose from a range of material options and colour finishes to enhance your working environment.

Industrial Shelving

Spaceguard's industrial shelving doesn't come flat-packed.

Our fully welded shelving and storage systems mean that your products are kept safe from collapsing shelves.

Carton Storage Racks

We are UK manufacturers of bespoke high duty storage shelving units and carton flow FIFO racks. Manufactured from welded section to your specific requirements. The robust structure is finished with epoxy powder paint. With a wide choice of shelf materials or rollers.

Andon Signal Tower Lights

To signal there's a problem, this is the solution. 

We manufacture several types of andon signal kits with functions to your choosing. We supply both bench mounted and post mounted, and also free-standing varieties. Please see our andon lights page for more details.

Warehouse Walkway Barriers

The designation of defined walkways through any production or warehouse area is an important part of personnel safety. Manufactured from heavy duty welded steel section. Spaceguard barriers provide an aesthetically pleasing robust solution for your walkways. Manufactured to your specific requirements. Along with fitting service also available where required.

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