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As a UK based manufacturer of conveyor rollers Spaceguard supplies a wide conveyor roller range throughout the UK and Europe.

From our Hull based site we are able to supply rollers to suit your specific requirements. Whether your requirement is for 1 or 100, Spaceguard offers particularly high quality conveyor components. Delivered on a short lead time with competitive pricing.

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Conveyor rollers

Gravity Conveyor Rollers

A gravity conveyor roller is an un powered free moving roller, used within conveyors and machines. Either fitted horizontally to easy manual handling, or on a decline so the roller turns when under load. As a result, transporting goods along the conveyor section is simply achieved by manual force or gravity alone.

From light weight to heavy duty applications. Our wide range of rollers is available with mild steel zinc plated, stainless steel and also plastic tube. With mild steel or stainless steel shafts. Gravity rollers are generally the most economical roller. As they suit a wide variety of applications including gravity roller conveyors. 


Driven Conveyor Rollers

Spaceguard manufacture and supply a wide range of driven rollers. Including sprocket driven for light and also heavy duty applications. We also supply Grooved rollers for use within 24V DC roller or lineshaft conveyors. In addition to poly V driven rollers, which are an option for 24V roller conveyors, which transmits more drive than the grooved roller.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers

Spaceguard is a leading supplier of conveyors, roller conveyors, and conveyor equipment. We can supply heavy duty conveyor rollers to our customers to meet their specification.

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heavy duty conveyor rollers

As a UK manufacturer Spaceguard is ideally placed to offer quality and also reliable conveyor component products on a short delivery lead time. We do this whilst also providing competitive pricing coupled with a high quality of customer service.

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Conveyor roller terminology


AGL: An industry abbreviation for shaft length.


Bearing: Fitted within the roller normally single ball race or also deep grooved ball bearing. Generally used to reduce friction aiding the roller to turn.


Effective length (EL): Industry term for inside frame dimension.


Female threaded: Uses a setscrew to fix the roller into the conveyor frame. Using this method also adds structural strength to the conveyor.

Fixed drive: Positive drive between the drive mechanism and the roller tube.

Flatted shaft: Milled flat on the roller shaft to prevent shaft from rotating when fitted in a appropriate sized slot.

Friction drive: Normally associated with sprocket driven rollers, this allows the roller tube to be stopped allowing product to accumulate.


Grooved roller: Used on a lineshaft or DC roller conveyor. A groove is usually formed into the roller tube to allow a polyurethane band to join the rollers together.


Over bearing projection (OBP): Dimension over the bearings. Note this is normally different to the EL dimension.


Spring loaded shaft: Normally used to fit gravity rollers into the frame. Simple press in the end of the shaft at one side into the bearing to fit the roller.

Sprocket: Drive mechanism fitted to roller – normally push fit or welded (See fixed or friction drive)

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