Ball Transfer Tables UK manufactured to customer specification

Ball tables contain free moving balls which allow for the movement of heavy loads with little effort. For this reason they are widely used in industrial environments where heavy components, or machine parts and motors require easy transportation or turning. This makes them ideal for use in repair, assembly & manufacturing industries. Ball transfer tables are also suitable for loading or feeding into machines.

We manufacture ball transfer tables with welded H section support stands, in addition to 4mm thick mild steel plating for the table tops. Our ball tables come with a durable powder coated paint finish in RAL 5010 or a standard colour of your choosing

At Spaceguard we manufacture a wide range of standard and bespoke ball transfer table products to suit customer requirements.

Please contact our helpful sales team who will be able to advise on all available options and configurations.

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Spaceguard Ball Table Features

All ball tables are designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements.

  • Choice of ball pitch
  • Powder coated paint finish in RAL 5010 as standard however other colours are available
  • Stand alone table or built into or alongside workbenches, workstations, or conveyor systems
  • Supplied with or without support stands
  • Options for adjustable feet or castors (wheels)
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Ideal for assembly workstations, inspection tables and parts transfer

bespoke workbench with scales and ball table

Ball transfer tables are often used when there is a requirement for products to be manually rotated or positioned, such as an assembly work station or other similar operation that requires quick, easy handling of the product.

Ball transfer tables are also used within gravity conveyor systems to transfer cartons or totes from one line to another. They are widely used on workstation applications to aid assembly, inspection, or testing. Ball transfers simply make it easy to move or rotate light or heavy unit loads with a flat bottom.

Ball Pitch

A ball transfer table is a robust table in which a number of ball units are mounted. The pattern in which they are mounted can be square, or diamond.

The ball pitch is the distance between the centre of each ball and the next. For example the a ball pitch of 150mm would mean the balls are spaced 150mm apart.
Ball Table Pitch Type

Standard Ball tables

Spaceguard manufacture a wide range of ball transfer tables, suitable for use within a large selection of industries. Whether they are been used to feed or locate into machines or incorporated into a ball transfer tables conveyors or production system

Work cell ball tables

Spaceguard manufacture both fixed and automated assembly cell systems, Ball tables can be placed within the production work cell to all material movement around the cell, with bespoke design service available

Bespoke ball tables

Bespoke Ball Tables

Bespoke ball tables can be made to your requirements whether you require special shaped or mixture of ball and roller table Spaceguard can supply you exactly what you require.

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