Belt conveyor systems manufactured in the UK to your specifications.

We manufacture a wide range of reliable belt conveyor systems at our UK based factory. From light duty belt conveyors, through to medium and heavy duty conveyors suited for e-fulfilment packing, factory, production line, and also warehouse & logistics operations.

We can also provide stainless steel conveyor units for food processing and pharmaceutical sectors.

Belt conveyors provide an efficient and reliable solution for transporting totes, boxes, packets, cartons and irregular shaped objects. 

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Spaceguard Belt Conveyor Products

  • Robust, proven design.
  • Quality reliable equipment
  • Supplied with CE marked & with manuals.
  • Delivered fully assembled & wired.
  • On site installation service available.
  • Ideal for transport of uniform and also non-uniform products.
  • Cost effective A to B transport solution.
  • Durable powder coated or stainless steel construction.
  • Choice of drive & belt types.
  • Suitable as stand alone or incorporated with other machinery.
transport conveyor

Quick deliveries & competitive pricing.
Delivered fully assembled and wired.
Onsite installation service available

End Roller Diameter:From 25mm to 200mm
Roller Materials:Polypropylene, Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Drive Type:Geared motor or Drum Motor
Drive Position:Shaft mounted underslung or End Drive or
Belt Type:1ply PU or PVC (food grade)
2ply PVC (food grade)
2ply Rubber
Other belt options available please contact sales
Frame Material:Painted Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Conveyor Finish:RAL 5010 (other colors available) or Stainless Steel (2B)
Conveyor Widths:80mm to 2000mm
Conveyor Loading:Please contact sales to discuss your options
Support Detail:Welded 'H' section (+/- 50mm)
Optional Extras:
  • Sideguides
  • Castors
  • Quick release
  • Swan neck / nose over
  • Under slung centre drive
  • For electrical options please contact sales

About Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are a versatile materials transport option for use in warehouse, production, and also e-fulfilment environments. They are ideal for transporting both uniform and none uniform items. We can provide conveyor belts with a range of materials such as PVC and rubber. We can also supply conveyor systems manufactured using food grade materials.

Inclined Belt Conveyor Systems

Our design team work with our customers to ensure that the conveyor inclines are manufactured to suit their needs. We offer reliable solutions for simple machine feeding or larger variations suitable for moving products to and from mezzanines for example.

Conveyor System Control Panels

We deliver conveyor belts complete with control panels fully wired and ready for work. Including all operation, maintenance and compliance manuals. The controls provided are custom designed suit the customers needs. Consequently you can have the controls as simple or complex as you require, including variable speed panels.

Conveyor for labelling

Special application example: Base labelling conveyor

An example of one of our special application conveyors. This split bed design allows for the positioning of a labelling head. This allows labelling in addition to coding on the base of the products. This particular belt ran off a single drive shaft to maintain belt speeds. The products after printing were then also run off onto a rotary packing table.

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What is a belt conveyor?

A Belt conveyor is a mechanical materials handling device with two end pulleys and a continuous belt travelling around the pulleys. One of the pulleys is normally powered either using a geared motor, or motorised drum (a motor mounted within the drum).

The conveyor transports products directly on the belt. This allows for both uniform and also irregular shaped products to be conveyed.

They're widely used within most industries, from industrial to food, through to mining and also construction.

Why are conveyor belts used?

Conveyor belt systems became incredibly popular due to their time and also labour saving benefits. Through the use of a conveyor system, manual handling of materials is reduced. Therefore transport and processing of large volumes of goods is faster, and requires less human labour.

The use of belt conveyors can also be space efficient, as less space and personnel is needed to move the items. For this reason they are often used for transporting products between stations in production and processing lines.

The conveyor system is also very versatile and can transport a wide range of objects, of all shapes and sizes. Conveyor belts also become useful in instances where the use of a roller conveyor system for example would be unsuitable due to items being too light, having irregular bottomed surfaces, or being too small. Consequently, these items may not move, could slip, or even get stuck in the rollers.


Industries that often use belt conveyors:

  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Food processing
  • Factories
  • Assembly Lines
  • Pharmaceutical sectors
  • Packing environments
  • E-commerce fulfilment


Spaceguard can ensure you get the best solution for your business at a reasonable price. We have over a decade of experience in designing & manufacturing reliable conveyor systems. As a result we understand the problems our customers face, and we are always happy to provide robust and reliable solutions to solve these problems.

Finally, if you'd like to read more about the types of conveyors and their uses we have a guide available here.

Why Spaceguard is the ideal partner to manufacture your conveyors

  • Complete in-house design & build service.
  • Proven reliable conveyor equipment.
  • Competitive pricing in addition to short lead times.
  • Choice of drum motors and also geared motor drive.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Wherever possible delivered fully assembled and wired.
  • On site installation also available.


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