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Spaceguard Belt Conveyors

Spaceguard manufacture in the UK, both standard bespoke belt conveyor systems. Suiting a wide range of conveyor applications. From stand alone transport belt conveyors, to in built lean conveyor workstations. Designed specifically to suit your requirements, delivering productivity savings whilst reducing manual handling.
With a long history for producing conveyor and workstation solutions, to a wide variety of companies. Working closely with customers from initial enquiry through to completion and aftercare. You can be assured your Spaceguard built conveyor is manufactured to a high quality standard. Is safe and reliable along with been of a robust construction. Whilst delivered at a competitive price.
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Transport Belt Conveyors

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Standard conveyor belts are ideal for the transport of both uniform and non uniform products. They provide a cost effective method of A to B transport. As standard with a hygienic stainless steel design or durable powder coated steel frame where required. With a wide choice of PVC, PU, silicone or PTFE belting. dependent on your application. Transport conveyors provide a cost effective, reliable solution to product transport. Ideal for use as a stand alone unit or to be incorporated within other machinery.

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medium duty belt conveyor

Quick delivery – medium duty belt conveyor

As UK manufacturers Spaceguard as able to supply a range of reliable medium duty belt conveyors on a quick delivery. Normally within 7 working days. As part of our 630 range the drum motor driven conveyor is supplied fully wired and assembled. The proven designed conveyor is delivered to your site ready for work, complete with CE documentation.
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Heavy duty conveyor belt

Spaceguard’s robust heavy duty conveyors are built to withstand arduous applications. Proven within steel processing, aggregates and recycling industries. Achieving high levels of, through put and reliability.

heavy duty conveyor belt
Swan neck conveyor

Swan Neck Conveyor Systems

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For use in tight space applications, to take products from low level upwards. Swan neck belts provide an ideal solution around plastic moulding machines or press discharges. To higher levels for additional processing or packaging.

Extra wide Conveyor Belts

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Spaceguard are an ideal partner for extra wide bespoke conveyor products. Custom manufactured to your specifications, using proven base designs. To provide, reliable transport conveyors for wide products.

Extra wide conveyor belt

Incline conveyor Systems

As a UK manufacturer and installer, Spaceguard manufactures bespoke incline conveyor belts, to suit work specific requirements. Whether feeding into a machine or up and down from a mezzanine floor. Spaceguard is an ideal partner. Manufacturing robust and reliable conveyor belt equipment.

Conveyor repair line

A conveyor belt transports products directly on the belt. This allows for both uniform and irregular shaped product to be conveyed. Due to there versatility, low maintenance requirement and competitive cost. They are the most commonly used powered transport conveyor type.

Conveyor belt processing line

What makes Spaceguard an ideal partner to manufacture your conveyors

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UK Belt conveyor manufacturer
Robust, reliable equipment
High quality customer service

Spaceguard manufactured products include

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UK Manufacturer of Belt & Roller conveyors, industrial workbenches, barriers and guards, trolleys & trucks

Conveyor belt explained

A Belt conveyor generally consists of two end pulleys. With a continuous belt travelling around the pulleys. One of the pulleys is normally powered either by a geared motor, or motorized drum (Motor mounted within the drum). The belt conveyor is widely used within most industries from industrial to food, and through to mining and construction. Along with been integrated within assembly lines.

Conveyor history

Basic belt conveyors have been used since early 19th century and throughout the industrial revolution. One the most famous first integration is the assembly line for the model T Ford.