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Why good workbench design is important

Well designed, robust workbenches improve your productivity and working environment

When specifying the requirements for your workbenches there are a number of factors to consider

What task is the workbench going to be used for?

It is vital to consider what you intend to use the workbench for. The more varied the tasks you have in mind, generally the more robust the construction should be.

Consider the following:

  • How the processes are going to be carried out?
  • How far does the worker have to move?
  • Is there enough light to carry out any inspection process?
  • Does the PC really have to take up the work surface?
  • Does the workbench fit with our corporate schemes?

As the business requirements change, so may the requirement on the workbench. Bespoke workbenches can often be reconfigure or re purposed easier than standard tables.

What kind of weights are going to be on the bench

The heavier the weight - the heavier the construction should be. Where possible a welded frame bench, with a robust work surface is the best course. The bench load rating ideally, when the bench is fully loaded the bench should still be solid.


Plan the process

Space and time are always at a premium. The ideal workbench would be robust enough to do the job, with just the tools and equipment required to carry out the process. Large workbenches for small processes generally produce waste in both time and space. Alternatively the process may have a multi station requirement, so often there is a need to have gravity roller systems or similar transport aids built within the workbench.

lean bespoke workbench

Workbench vs workstation vs worktable

Whether you call it a workbench, workstation, worktable or any other combination, it is essentially the same. The only difference should be the functions carried out, these will depend on the layout and design of the bench. A bench which is designed for the function will produce savings in process times, improve ergonomics and generally be a nicer place to work.

height adjustable bench

Flat packed vs fully assembled

Whether it’s a bolt less design or requires fixings, flat packed work benches are often cheaper on the surface. However they do require you to assemble them yourselves. This isn’t always as easy as you may think. Also flat packed workbenches will have variable stability, durability and load ratings. However they do have their place. mainly when space is restricted.

Spaceguard benches are fully welded and require no assembly, however we can provide flat pack variations if required.