Packing Line: Conveyor Belt & Bespoke Benches (Recent project)

Spaceguard recently designed, manufactured, and installed this packing line for one of our customers. It features a 20 metre conveyor belt and roller conveyor in addition to 20 bespoke packing benches. The packing benches include packaging storage, in addition to louvre panels, open front drawers, roll holders, keyboard trays, and monitor brackets. The bench worktops are at the ideal height for packaging and then sliding packages off onto the conveyor belt. From here they travel towards the roller conveyor, where … Read More

Warehouse Returns Processing

Why are returns a problem for online retailers? Throughout the online retail sector the processing of returned goods is a major headache. Items returning to the warehouse must undergo a procedure to determine their quality and whether they’re suitable for resale. This procedure takes time, leading to inventory getting ‘stuck’ within the returns process. Retailers in most cases pay for the item to be transported back to the warehouse, this in turn eroding profit margins on lower cost items. The … Read More

Flower Packing Conveyor Belt (Recent Project)

Spaceguard recently installed three 15 metre long packing conveyor belts for a flower packing business. Our team travelled to the site with the conveyors part assembled and were able to finish the assembly on site. Contact Us If you or your business is in need of a conveyor belt please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

5 Bespoke Packing Benches

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Bespoke Packing Benches UK Manufactured By Spaceguard In this post we look at some of our previous designs of bespoke packing benches. This is a very small selection of our previous work. To see more photos of our packing benches please see the ‘Gallery’ section in the menu above. If you have a design in mind for a packing table or workstation contact us for a free quotation. You can send a photo, drawing, or sketch to illustrate your idea … Read More

Mobile workbench options for a flexible workshop space

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A robust mobile workbench offers more freedom in your busy workshop or workspace. The ability to easily manoeuvre your workbench around your working area to assist with tasks is a practical yet simple way to help your project go smoothly. Our portable workbench can be manufactured to include vice plates, drawers, cupboards, and other types of tool storage. We also manufacture mobile tool chest workbenches or side benches with drawers as can be seen in the photo below. The mobile … Read More

Custom designed Mailroom and Packing furniture

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A poorly organised post room with inefficient mailroom furniture can lead to big problems down the line for your business. We all understand the sheer frustration of waiting for an important letter that’s taking forever to arrive, or refreshing online parcel tracking over and over. Where is it? What if it never arrives? It’s surprising how panic inducing lost mail can be! Now imagine that special letter or parcel would have already arrived safe and sound, had it not been … Read More

Heavy Duty Steel Workbench ( Recent Project )

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This robust heavy duty steel workbench was manufactured and sent out recently to a UK engineering company. This work bench is one of our extra heavy duty steel benches, constructed from a mild steel frame with a strong mild steel work bench top. We offer vices for our woodworking and engineering workbenches. This particular bench has an 8kg engineers vice. We are also able to manufacture stainless steel workbenches unpainted for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Steel Workbench Key … Read More

Work Bench with Sockets ( Recent Project )

This work bench with sockets is another one of our bespoke workbenches for a UK based power tools company. As with all of our electrical and heavy duty benches this was designed and manufactured entirely to suit the customers requirements. Work Bench Features: Measures 2000 x 900 x 850mm Castors (wheels) Birch plywood top Louvre panel (left) Plain steel back panel (powder coated RAL 7035) 4 x Steel Drawers Angled trunking along back edge 2 x 110V double sockets 2 … Read More

Modular Belt Packing Conveyor System ( Recent Project )

This packing conveyor system we designed and manufactured for an agricultural supplies company. It comprises of a number of workbenches with a modular belt conveyor. Employees can be situated at the benches preparing and packaging products for dispatch. These products can then in turn be pushed onto the modular belt conveyor. From here they can then be collected for further processing or dispatch. Modular Belt Conveyor Features: 6000 x 532 x 900 mm Shaft mounted geared motor Control Panel Photo … Read More

E-fulfilment Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Spaceguard are UK Conveyor Belt Manufacturers specialising in E-fulfilment conveyor systems Spaceguard are UK based conveyor belt manufacturers, with over a decade of experience in providing reliable solutions to a wide range of businesses. We are one of several conveyor systems manufacturers in the UK, providing specialist advice and conveyor solutions to e-fulfilment operations. Our technical engineers regularly visit manufacturing & distribution sites to assist in the planning and development stages of conveyor system design. We also offer similar industrial … Read More

5 Handy Workbench Storage Solutions

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Workbench Storage Solutions from Spaceguard 1) Shelves A workbench storage solution that is rather straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of explanation is shelves. However at Spaceguard we are able to make custom sizes, shaped, and angled shelves to suit your operations. For example the bench pictured below is a bespoke packing bench with a number of shelf options. The side shelf is suitable for a label printer, whilst the slanted shelf to the right can hold documents, a tablet, … Read More

Top Warehouse Efficiency Tips for 2021

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How to improve Warehouse Efficiency: 4 areas for improvement. Warehouse efficiency can be improved in a number of ways, from small changes to huge changes. In this article we look ahead to 2021 and give an overview of ways that your warehouse’s efficiency can be improved in the new year. If you have any suggestions for further tips please leave them in the comments.   Efficiency improvement area #1: Warehouse Layout & Inventory   The warehouse layout is the real … Read More

How do I setup my gravity conveyor?

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Gravity conveyor setup A gravity roller conveyor is a low cost method of reducing manual lifting and handling. When used in the correct application the perform reliably, giving a long service life. Is my product suitable for a gravity roller conveyor? If it has a flat bottom and the length can be spread over three rollers. The product will go down a roller conveyor. It is important to select the right rollers and construction to make sure the conveyor is … Read More

Choosing the right belt conveyor?

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Look at your products, size, weights, quantities, how and where do you need them moving? Establish where you need to put everything to make it work well for you. For example, link your products. Infeed Conveyor through the Packing Bench on to a outfeed conveyor.   Conveyor belts are ideal for moving various size and shaped products at the same time. If you have variations in the size and shape of your products. A belt conveyor is ideal for you. … Read More

6 things to consider when purchasing a Cutting Table

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When looking to purchase a cutting table for fabric for your business, sewing or craft room there are a few things to take into consideration.   You don’t want to find that once you buy the cutting table of your choice, your projects have outgrown it already. In this situation you’re back on the floor struggling to neatly cut through roll after roll of fabric. Obviously that is not ideal. In this post we will answer some of the most … Read More

Warehouse Conveyor Varieties: Which is your best option?

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Why do you need a warehouse conveyor system? Warehouse conveyor systems are commonly used to transport boxes, cartons, and pallets efficiently and safely throughout the warehouse environment. They allow for the reduction in manual handling which can be useful if you’re trying to reduce the number of personnel on site.    Speed A typical warehouse or distribution centre should have the capability to quickly pick, pack, and ship products, as well as efficiently store well organised products to speed up … Read More

Belt Conveyors for E-commerce

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Belt Conveyors for E-commerce Belt conveyors for e-commerce are in growing demand as online shopping is soaring. Many packaging and distribution companies are looking for sustainable ways forward to improve ecommerce fulfilment.  Achieving faster delivery to customers is a priority for many large online retailers, this becomes increasingly important towards the end of the year as Christmas approaches.  To improve e-commerce throughput many businesses are investing in automation, which has numerous benefits including the reduction of manual handling.

Industry benchmark heavy duty workbench

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What makes a heavy duty workbench? Welded construction for extra strength (no self assembly) Sturdy construction manufactured from hollow section sized to suit the application Designed to carry the required load with a high safety factor Robustly manufactured Designed to suit heavy engineering and manufacturing applications Heavy duty worksurface such as steel topped, steel on coreboard, hardwood, laminate faced hardwood, linoleum faced hardboard or UHMWPE (no chipboard) Options for drawers, cupboards, tool storage & services built within the bench We … Read More

Bespoke Packing Bench Designs

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The bespoke packing bench manufactured by Spaceguard is customisable to suit a large variety of industries. Below is a few examples of the range of benches we have previously designed and built for clients. Packing Bench With Cutter This bench is manufactured from a mild steel welded frame with an MDF top and shelves. It also has a cutter fitted to the back edge for cutting packaging materials such as bubble wrap.

Out of hours conveyor extension

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Can you extend the belt conveyor for us? Having supplied the conveyor over 10 years ago. (To which it has run trouble free 16 hours per day for the last 10 years) During a site visit the customer asked if we could extend there existing conveyor. By 14 meters, making the new length 24 meters. Without interfering with the packing operation as there are in peak. Of course this also has to be completed out for hours.

Increased warehouse efficiency with mobile driven roller conveyors

The customer requirement for Spaceguard mobile lineshaft and 24 Volt driven conveyor systems has dramatically increased. With some of our e-commerce customers, requiring improved operational efficiency throughout the working day. From within goods in, processing and packing. To the loading of carriers. Mobile driven roller conveyor allows systems and processes to be re configured through the day or season to cope with variation in demands, operation and required staffing. Customers have made it clear they require a reliable conveyor solution … Read More

Packing Conveyor Belts

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Packing Conveyor Belts Improve your picking and packing processes with a bespoke designed packing conveyor belt. Packing conveyor belts enhance the picking and packing process allowing for faster more efficient product packing. The use of side tables and extended conveyor side surfaces allows for employees to use the conveyor as a workstation when packing goods, saving time on moving back and forth between stations. The products can be kept in a continual flow, giving a constant supply of items to … Read More

On Site Conveyor Installation

Onsite Conveyor Installation Spaceguard’s on site installation team are available for fast and efficient product installs. In many cases Spaceguard conveyor systems and benches arrive fully assembled and wired, ready for work, simply requiring siting in the desired location. However it is often the case that a customer benefits from an onsite ecommerce packing solution installation. Our on site installation team will then pay them a visit. This is to ensure that everything is installed, set up safely, and running … Read More

Increase profits by optimising packing processes

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Optimising packing processes with bespoke workstations can bring gains in productivity Optimising packing processes by partnering with a suitable process engineering and work space solutions company will give large gains in productivity. Spaceguard has regularly worked with businesses providing well designed bespoke packing areas, laid out for operator efficiency. Our systems have shown businesses large gains in both efficiency and profitability, and overall reductions in client costs moving forward.   To follow a quote from one of the continuous improvement groups. … Read More

Heavy Duty Work Benches

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Heavy Duty Workbenches What materials are heavy duty workbenches made from? The heavy duty work benches range is generally manufactured from heavy gauge box section. We use welded cross struts and extra bracing for extra heavy duty work benches. The tops can be constructed from hardwood or steel, or alternatively thick steel / stainless steel backed with a wooden or plywood core board.  

Conveyor Systems : What types are available?

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What is a conveyor system? Conveyor systems are used to mechanically move products and materials with ease, often to areas in the same building for further processing or packaging for example. They are a standard part of manual handling equipment across a wide range of industries. A conveyor system can be as simple as a single conveyor, or several working together to create a more complex system. The most common main categories of conveyor system are belt conveyors, and roller … Read More

Incline Conveyor Calculators

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Incline Conveyor Calculators When planning for a conveyor system design, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account. These calculators are designed to assist in working out safe incline angles, conveyor heights, and other useful measurements. The box tumbling calculator gives the maximum angle at which products can safely be transported without tumbling. Please note: These should be used as a guide only. When constructing a conveyor system please seek advice from a specialist.  

Why do bespoke workbenches bring large productivity gains?

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Bespoke industrial workbench benefits are numerous and should not be overlooked when planning your processing environment. The incorrect working environment is one of the biggest problems which contributes to lower than expected productivity. Often when setting up or modifying processes, little thought is given to the person or environment. This leads to inefficient systems. Often the only consideration is the amount of product that can be processed per hour, a commercial figure which doesn’t take the staff into consideration. A … Read More

Food Production Conveyors

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Food Conveyors in Stainless Steel by Spaceguard, the ideal partner for food & beverage production conveyor systems.   Hygienic, easy to clean conveyors Spaceguard food production conveyors are widely used across all food production sectors to ensure simple and efficient processing of all food items. We have designed and produced conveyors specifically for the meat processing industry, as well as fruit and vegetable sorting and packing. Our design team has the capability to create conveyor systems specifically suited to your … Read More

What are Roller Conveyors and their uses?

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What are Roller Conveyors? Roller conveyors generally consist of a number of rollers mounted within a frame. In the case of a gravity conveyor these rollers spin as the product travels across them, aiding the product in moving forward. The rollers of the conveyor can also be powered, meaning items placed on the conveyor will be pushed forward by the rollers. In either case the roller conveyor makes product transportation simple and also efficient for most industrial environments. Most commonly … Read More

Gravity Conveyor Systems – Benefits for Different Industries

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  Gravity Conveyor Systems – A Cost Effective Solution for a wide range of Industries   What are gravity conveyor systems? Gravity conveyor systems, a number of efficient pieces of equipment popularly used for transporting physical goods. Often particularly useful for packing industries. For example, to transport boxes and cartons through warehouses. Being non-powered, it makes them a cost effective and popular solution for material handling industries. The materials can simply travel by manual force or through the help of … Read More

Belt Conveyor Tracking

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What is belt conveyor tracking? Belt conveyor tracking is the practice of keeping the conveyor belt travelling along the path as it is required. A conveyor belt should not drift off path as it would cause the conveyor to work incorrectly. When installing a new belt there can often be tracking issues, these require adjustments to counter any tracking problems to ensure the conveyor maintains optimal performance. It is best practice to do any belt tracking adjustments whilst the belt … Read More

Gravity Conveyor Installation

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Things to consider when installing a Gravity Conveyor Conveyors set up correctly allow for optimal product flow. A Gravity Conveyor setup is usually dependent on product weights. Gravity roller conveyors are generally installed on a decline, with the infeed at the higher point so that the product is conveyed downwards to the discharge point. A Gravity Conveyor installation done correctly can mean smooth, safe and simple operation with lessened risks for product damage and an increase in overall performance.   … Read More

What Type Of Conveyor Do I Need?

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To see more information about our Flexible / Expandable conveyors, please click here. What if I’m still not sure what type of conveyor I need? No problem. Here at Spaceguard, we have in depth experience of all the different conveyor types. We manufacture them as both standard, and also to customer specification. If you have seen something on our website that might be your ideal conveyor solution but you’re still not sure, get in touch and we can advise you … Read More

Industrial workshop equipment

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UK Built, Robust industrial workshop equipment Manufacturing in the UK a wide range of robust, pre-assembled workshop equipment. All equipment arrives assembled ready for positioning. Industrial workbenches Welded frame industrial workshop equipment, provides the ideal balance between aesthetically pleasing functional equipment, whilst being robust and long lasting. Built to suit your specifications. using only quality materials and processes ensures durable equipment is supplied. Designed an manufactured to suit your specific loading and requirements.

Employee testing Station

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Fever Testing Station £499.95 Free mainland UK delivery Spaceguard manufacture a base welfare testing station. Which has been supplied into warehouses to allow the temperature testing of staff and visitors. To be carried out safely from behind the barrier. This very simple addition enables operating companies to take a precautionary procedure. Taking the temperatures of there staff prior to there shift. These pods which is part of Spaceguard’s range of barriers. Is delivered to site fully assembled. Free mainland UK … Read More

Workbench design

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Well designed, robust workbenches improve your productivity and working environment. Terminology Whether you call it a workbench, workstation, worktable or any other combination. It is essentially the same. The only difference maybe should be the function carried out, will depend on the layout and design of the bench. A bench which is designed for the function will produce savings in process times, improve ergonomics and generally be a nicer place to work.

Factory walkway barriers

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Factory walkway barriers provide a aesthetically pleasing walkway protection. Providing constrained safe routes through production areas. Working with clients to deliver complimenting barriers to the surroundings. To keep footfall within the walkway and out of the production zones. Bespoke manufactured barriers and installed by Spaceguard. are also often used to define specific work spaces where  industrial workbenches or conveyors are used. Also providing additional pedestrian safety.

UK warehouse equipment manufacturing

UK Warehouse Equipment As a UK manufacturer of warehouse equipment, Spaceguard is able to competitively design and build products to suit your needs. Our range includes industrial workstations, conveyors and also other warehouse equipment. These products all designed and made to fit with your industry requirements.

Andon workplace signal lights

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Andon Workstation Signal Lights In Lean manufacturing Andon refers to any visual display that shows status information on the plant floor. The Andon light Kit from Spaceguard. Provides the necessary components to create an light signal system which will improve productivity. It can indicate line status, show when a team leader or materials are running low. Allowing users to highlight issues, ensuring down time is kept to a minimum. Spaceguard Andon workplace signal lights is a 24V system which allows … Read More

Stainless steel conveyors and workstations

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Spaceguard are UK Manufacturers for food packing and processing conveyors, workstations and tables. Spaceguard is an ideal partner for the design and manufacture of stainless steel conveyors, food handling and automation equipment. We produce a wide range of reliable automation equipment for, product transport, in addition to packing & processing workstations. Suitable for both direct food (and also washdown) or handling packed products. Spaceguard conveyor equipment is proven within food processing and packing environments. Combining high levels of reliability, with … Read More

Flexible process cell – Streamline varying operations

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Faced with limited staff, space limitations and multiple processes. From multiple product assembly, to collation picking and packing. Common problem, Spaceguard resolve for a wide variety of businesses. The implementation of bespoke multi use workstations show large ongoing savings. Allowing flexibility through the yearly peaks and troughs.  Whilst allowing for future expansion. The Wish list Configure to multi process production line cell. Configure to Lean packing workstation, with product take away. Packing materials storage. Lean process tools & layout. Wipe … Read More

Urgent robust packing bench requirement manufactured and delivered within a week

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70off Industrial packing benches manufactured and delivered within a week. Even well planned operations,still have the occasional urgent requirement. As a UK manufacturer, been able to respond to customers is of the utmost importance. The investment made in CNC machines has made it possible to deliver well engineered, robust well engineered packing benches on a quick delivery. A big help when these urgent requirements come along. To manufacture a large quantity of packing benches quickly for a customer. Who needs … Read More

Well designed packing stations reduce process times.

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Spaceguard, UK manufacturers of robust welded. Standard and bespoke packing stations. Phone: 01482 363445 email: Standard packing stations Standard welded frame packing stations, built to suit your specific requirements. Offer higher durability than flat packed variants. Whether your requirement is for one off or one hundred. Spaceguard are the ideal manufacturing partner. Building pack benches to your specific required size. Standard pack stations are available as standard with option including upper and low shelves. packing material holders and cutters. built … Read More

Position products with ball transfer tables

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Ball transfer tables use multi directional bearings. a larger ball, supported by smaller ball bearings. Allowing products to be moved around in all directions. Making them ideal for convenient product positioning, 90° corner turns and parts requiring to be rotated.

Reduce labour and retain your best workers

Whether you operate a factory, warehouse or fulfillment center. Good quality labour is often in short supply. As demands go up, workers — particularly skilled, motivated, productive ones — are often difficult to find and hard to retain. With E-commerce having transformed businesses, this has escalated the demand for pickers, packers and assembly workers. With peaks and troughs associated with product demands. What can you do to cope with these issues? Without drastically increasing temporary labour (which need to be … Read More

Bombproof workshop workbenches

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“Spaceguard: Working with customers to deliver custom heavy duty industrial workshop workbenches to bespoke specifications” In many applications, workshop workbenches are a large investment. The need to be ascetically pleasing along with robustness to give long life. These benches, supplied to the air force, which are designed to be very robust whilst been in keeping with the clean design of a new workshop. Specifically designed for airplane arms maintenance. Having to be robust and anti static, whilst keeping in fitting … Read More

Save money with E-commerce packing cells

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The packing department is one of the vital element of order fulfilment for any ecommerce operation. When an order is picked and enters the packing cell, this is the last opportunity to see the product prior to the customers all important “first impression”. Using materials suitable for the product been packed and consistent packing methods. Online retailers can reduce losses & returns, whilst improving company profile. Packing personnel within order fulfilment roles are becoming highly valued and skilled. Ensuring the … Read More

Height adjustable workbenches providing benefits for both employee & employer

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SIT OR STAND? Productivity is generally improved when users are standing at an ergonomically designed workstation. However there are some tasks which do benefit from a sitting position. Height adjustable workbenches offer the user the flexibility to either sit or stand during their working day. This choice is either based on their comfort or determined by other factors such as the size and weight of the object they are working with. This type of workbench, means that you no longer … Read More

Height adjustable workstations provide better benefits for users & employers

Adjustable height workstations provide a more ergonomic solution. To operations such as packing, processing returns, assembly, repair and inspection.  The more comfortable position gained aid gains in productivity, because they easily let operators work in the ergonomic position, suitable for their own needs. (The same station can be used by someone tall as someone short on multiple shifts, or if the load or work varies in height, like multiple sized boxes or components that may be different sizes.) Using adjustable height workstations you … Read More

Reduce pack and processing times

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Within the past 5 years, almost every major supply market has gone through a technological revolution wherein consumer preferences have shifted and become more towards buying products online. Most every major supply market has gone through a technological revolution wherein consumer preferences have shifted and become more towards buying products online. From this world of ecommerce, a consumer has emerged who is educated and able to carry out effective research prior to purchase. This coupled with home bedroom changing rooms … Read More

Get ready for stock take – Count on Spaceguard

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Spaceguard are UK based suppliers of OHAUS parts Counting Scales. The ideal scales for precise and fast industrial counting jobs that require durability and accuracy at a great value. Portable with high internal counting resolution and rechargeable battery, these scales will be a perfect support in carrying out year-end stock taking. Between November 14th and December 8th 2017 get an extra discounts off on Ranger Count 1000 and 3000 – Order yours online today

Adjustable height workstations improve ergonomic position and productivity

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Why use adjustable height workstations? When your staff spend hours at workstations every day, even the smallest features of your work space. Such as the position of your monitor or materials can greatly affect productivity and even health. Workspace does not have to wear you down every day, but not having correct working heights, untidy worktops, and poor lighting and worker position. These things to name but a few, have a direct impact on productivity and employee health. With a … Read More

Electrical and electronic workbenches

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Electrical workbench – manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements : Phone: 01482 363445 or Email: The robustly manufactured Electrical workbench manufactured by Spaceguard are Proven within a wide ranges of electrical and electronics industries including Panel building, Mobile phone repair, computer assembly, Mobile phone antenna assembly, electronics recycling and repair industries to name a few. Electrical workbench es are manufactured to your specific specifications, As tables from Spaceguard they are … Read More

Adventures of hetty – Worktop refurbishment

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Refurbishment of workstation worktops gives old, worn and damaged work surfaces a new bright look. Using skilled site teams and market leading materials transforming even the largest of worktables (The one in the photos below are 12 metres x 1.9 metres. By squaring up old framework and laying bespoke tops. Thus bringing the work area towards the standard of the office. One of the main parts of any site work is firstly prepping the area to contain and making sure … Read More

Industrial grade Inline productive workstations

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Bespoke Inline industrial workstations bring real savings Well designed process line industrial workstations will not only improve productivity, but also show improvements in quality and improved worker ergonomics. By Improving worker environment and position using equipment which is build fit for purpose – both automated (Conveyor) and static industrial workbenches not only give the increases described above. Also has an additional benefit of been an extension of the front facing areas of the business. Having well designed processing and packing … Read More

Food conveyors and workstations

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Well designed stainless steel conveyors and processing workstations Conveyors and processing workstations for use within the food industry, built with process and reliability in mind offer large savings in production and on going running costs. Well built, reliable automation equipment need not cost the earth, but should be ergonomically designed, low maintenance, easy to clean down and ascetically pleasing. Making environments more attractive environment for production staff to work in will bring increases in product quality, lower reject rates and … Read More

Industrial workbench with integral weighing scales

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Well designed work areas have a direct impact on productivity. Ensuring all the tools and equipment has a specific place. The manual handling in reduced as much as possible and the workstation designed in such a away to minimise material movements. The integration of weigh scales into industrial workbenches brings additional benefits; including by sinking the weigh scale into the work surface maximises work areas whilst reduces lifting of parts onto weight scale, the mounting of the head into an … Read More

Cable drum rollers

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Cable Drum Roller Dispensers Cable drums save hours of installation time Spaceguard manufacture a range of ancillary products for cable storage and installation. These products are designed to make cable un-coiling work on site and within production easier, saving both time and effort, whilst reducing risks. We manufacture a range of cable drum / wire dispensers to suit, ideal for decoiling and recoiling cable during electrical installations. All have ramp entry to ease the loading of the drum onto the … Read More

Gravity roller tracks

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Conveyor roller tracks Spaceguard is a UK manufacturer of as wide range of stand alone and fully integrated roller tracking. From simple gravity roller conveyors through to fully integrated Lean process workstations, With a a wealth of experience working with both small and blue chip companies Spaceguard are an ideal process automation partner for your business. Please contact our sales team with your requirements by phone: 01482 363445 or via email: Stand alone gravity roller tracks Used commonly as … Read More

Spaceguard heavy duty workbench

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Heavy duty workbench construction By nature heavy duty workbenches should be robust and hard wearing, built to last, well built and stable. Spaceguard workbenches are manufactured by Spaceguard in the UK. Using thick gauge steel section, cut on CNC saws for accuracy and squareness, constructed jigged and welded to make a strong base frame suitable to take the required loading’s. The frames are coated with a durable baked on powder paint to give a long lasting finish, with a wide … Read More

Lean process – Carton live storage

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Manual gravity track carton live storage racks, dramatically reduce order processing times, showing real increases in productivity and reductions in waste. Made up of lanes of roller tracks to suit your products, using narrow mini tracks or full width rollers dependent on your product, all mounted in a robust steel frame. Optimum carton or tote storage can be achieved. The roller tracks are mounted on a slight incline towards the pick side and are loaded from the back. This type … Read More

Lean food workstations – meat processing

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 Lean meat processing workstations by SpaceguardWell designed meat processing workstations are an ideal solution for combining operations, reduce waste, reduce labour and increase productivity. Designed with you to suit your individual requirements and manufactured using traceable food grade materials, including grade 304 or 316 stainless steel with options for durable polyethylene processing services and incorporation of weighing systems. Designed and manufactured for use in even the most arduous of processing and wash down environments. As a UK manufacturer committed to providing quality, durable … Read More

Roller track guide – Lean production

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Gravity roller track is the most economical and simplest form of transporting loads from one point to another. Minimal effort required in the movement of goods whether it is manual assistance or gravitational force. reducing manual handling and increasing productivity and workflow. The can be be used as stand alone units, within storage racks or combined within workstations to produce a lean assembly or packing line.

Lean Industry Solutions

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Spaceguard Lean Industry Solutions Phone: 01482 363445 email: As a UK Industrial workstation manufacturer, Spaceguard is among the UK leading companies in the field of Industrial workstation design and manufacture, for production and packaging work place systems. Spaceguard offer custom workstation solutions complete with Lean solutions including andon, and six sigma also able to include integral weighing equipment, designed to suit your application. Weigh scales integrated within workstation. Delivered fully assembled and ready for work. Various sized weighing platforms … Read More

Product assembly line

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Product assembly line “Well designed product assembly lines, increase productivity, reduce manual handling and organise workflow” Spaceguard are an ideal partner to take your product assembly line concept in to workable balanced workstations. Transforming existing workplaces to improve productivity & ergonomics, reduce manual handling and improve product quality. Conveyors & automation The product assembly line shown uses a mixture 24V zero line pressure zoned accumulation roller conveyor to queue the product prior ball tables to easily manipulate the assembly into … Read More

Bespoke Packing Workbenches

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At Spaceguard we work closely with end user clients and resellers providing well designed and fully bespoke packing tables specific to your requirements. Our bespoke tables are an ideal way to reduce packing and assembly times which in turn improve quality and consistency within process. Our tables are fully designed and manufactured from scratch with dimensions to suit, we offer a full range of optional extras for storage, electronics and IT, different worktops or integration of other material handling solutions … Read More

Industrial Workstations

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UK Process line and workstation manufacturer Spaceguard are proud UK manufacturers of Industrial workstations, conveyors and carton flow storage systems Phone: 01482 363445 or email: website:

Stainless steel automation equipment

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  Spaceguard is a UK manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel automation equipment and workstations. ideal for food manufacturing: Please phone our sales on 01482 363445 with your requirements WorkstationsModular belt conveyorsRotary Accumulation TablesStainless Steel Tables Spaceguard are UK Manufacturers for food packing and processing workstations, conveyors and tables.. Spaceguard is an ideal partner for the manufacture of food handling and automation equipment, producing a wide range of proven automation equipment, product transport equipment, Packing / processing workstations and stand … Read More

Ready to use workbenches

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Ready to use industrial workbenches Manufactured from welded steel section with a wide choice of work surfaces, Spaceguard manufacture a wide range of standard and fully bespoke industrial workbenches. Suitable for use within a number of industries including motor, engineering, electronics, education sectors to name but a few. The robust workbench is delivered fully assembled (and wired if electrical items are fitted) and “ready for work”. Working to high quality standards the steel framed benches are built to last. wide … Read More

Conveyor workstations

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    UK manufacturer of standard and bespoke conveyors and workstation products. from painted mild steel or stainless steel. Phone: 01482 363445  Email: Conveyors & Workstations from Spaceguard Spaceguard is an ideal partner for developing existing or production of new ergonomically designed productive conveyors & workspace equipment. As a UK manufacturer of workstations and conveyors we are able to look at the process and working with you to provide a solution which will bring real savings and increases in … Read More