What is a pallet conveyor, what are they used for?

pallet conveyor is a heavy duty piece of mechanical equipment designed specifically to automate the transport of pallets. Generally pallets are used for transporting a large amount of goods in a batch, so these pallets of goods are often incredibly heavy.

Pallet conveyors are most often used to improve the efficiency of pallet handling and transport, greatly reducing the need for forklift trucks. Therefore pallet conveyors are often found in warehouses, factories, and other environments which regularly transport and receive large goods, or items in bulk.

Pallet conveyors can be designed in a modular fashion to include many different components. For example complete systems can be designed for the preparation of pallets to assist in the wrapping, strapping, and labelling process.

Some arduous environments may require a purpose designed and manufactured conveyor. Places like cold stores can lead to conveyors malfunctioning in freezing temperatures. That’s why pallet conveyors should be specially designed to suit the environment in which they will be required to operate.

What are the benefits of using a pallet conveyor?

  • Less forklift traffic means better safety and lower costs
  • Allows for a constant flow of pallets to improve efficiency
  • Pallet accumulation
  • A large selection of pallet sizes and weights can be transported
  • Generally, pallet conveyors are low maintenance in comparison to forklift trucks
  • Can be designed to suit non-standard pallets
Pallet conveyor

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