ESD Benches & Anti-Static Workstations UK manufactured to suit your requirements

Spaceguard designs ergonomic ESD & Anti Static workbenches to suit your process.

ESD benches are available with both four-leg and cantilever frames in a wide range of sizes, to suit any workspace. We manufacture fully bespoke electronics work benches and also production systems.

These electrical workstations are ideal for all kinds of electronics processing including assembly, quality control, repair and testing.

During the manufacturing process of circuit boards, the components used are often negatively affected should an electro-static discharge occur. Even if a relatively inexpensive component fails, these may be part of a much more expensive board. This incurs a higher repair/replacement cost. Electro-static discharges can be eliminated with the Spaceguard ESD workbenches, ESD bench matting and kits,  and associated equipment.

Anti-static Workstations & ESD Workbenches once grounded can be incorporated into an EPA (Electrostatic protected area).

Our comprehensive electrical bench designs can also be adjusted to fit automation equipment between or within the workstations.

Due to the complex nature of ESD benches please contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirements and to also receive a free quotation.

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ESD Workbenches

  • Powder-coated frame fitted with additional earthing points.
  • Option for ESD laminate worksurface
  • Workbench supplied with cable and UK plug for earthing with resistor and cable for standard wall sockets
  • Static dissipative rubber earthed mats are available
  • Pre-wired workbench sockets for equipment and IT
  • Localised lighting and extraction as required
  • In accordance with EN61340-5-1

ESD Workbenches Overview

We are the UK's leading manufacturer of Anti-Static & ESD Workbenches and Workstations, manufacturing both for re-sellers and direct to customers

ESD workbenches are ideal for all types of electronics testing, building, and repair applications and are available with a wide range of accessories including equipment for Assembly and Testing Lines. Choose from a wide range of options and accessories including various types of frames, ESD worktops, bonding and grounding points, lighting, sockets, tool panels, drawers, and cupboards.

Our team work closely with customers to ensure all equipment provided is built to meet your exact specification. Each workbench is made fully bespoke to order and will arrive assembled and wired with a robust solid welded frame, all you need to do is set your bench in place, ensure it's levelled using the built-in levelling feet, and your bench is ready for work. Take a look at our recent projects below to find out how we help our customers get the ESD & Anti-Static workstations that they need.

Please contact our helpful sales team with your requirements to receive a free quotation.

ESD Workbench Key Features

  • Manufactured in our UK factory to your specifications
  • Choice of worktops including ESD Laminate
  • Robust welded box section frame
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Fixed bench earthing points
  • Options for tool panels, lighting, sockets
  • Comes fully wired & electrically tested
  • Compliant to IEC61340-5-1
  • Supplied fully assembled & ready for work

See electrical workbench options page for more details

ESD Worktop Specifications

  • ESD Rubber and ESD Laminate are available
  • Abrasion resistance: to class H to EN438
  • Heat resistance: resists molten solder.
  • Oilpoint test: 20 minutes at 180 °C
  • Resistant to: organic solvents, weak acids, alkali, petrol and oil
  • Resistance:106–108Ω
  • Grounded to mains earth point


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Helpful terms to know

Electro static discharge - Occurs between two electrically charged objects with different electrical charges. This is caused by actual or close contact or a dielectric breakdown.

Anti-static -  When the build up of static is prevented by ensuring an item is not insulted so can conduct electricity.

Dissipative - The electrical charges are allowed to slowly and in a controlled manner find their way to earth.

Conductive - Electrical charges pass easily over or through materials.

Insulative - Are materials which prevent or limit the flow of electrical charges. So are difficult to earth.

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ESD Bench

ESD workbenches are made to suit your requirements in size, materials, colour and more.