warehouse team leader podium

Spaceguard team leader workstations provide a safe raised working area within warehouses, where warehouse team leaders and managers can perform their daily duties whilst having an overview position.

The warehouse podium enables the warehouse management team to have a safe working area with protection from fork lift trucks. Whilst being in the middle of the workforce. Allowing any issues raised throughout the working day to be spotted earlier.

warehouse team leader workstation

Benefits of the team leader workstations for operational warehouse management and/or team leaders.

  • A safe area to work within the the warehouse floor, where they can also oversee the daily operations.
  • The raised area allows better visibility.
  • The area can also often used for the centralisation of expensive IT or operational equipment charging.

Spaceguard manufacture to industrial workstations your specifications. Including where required, fully wired and installed installations. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel and finished to suit your specific needs. Spaceguard workstations provide a robust safe and well finished working area. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk.

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Industrial desks

Whilst team leader workstations work for larger warehouses. Often within production areas a more simple solution is required. Spaceguard industrial desks are specifically designed to provide team leaders an in process managers a workdesk, with an office type feel.

With improved ergonomics for working, with industrial robustness, whilst not to look out of place within the production or process environment. Spaceguard are UK manufacturers of industrial desks for use within warehouses in addition to production areas.

team leader desk