Signal Tower Lights help to optimise manufacture, assembly and order fulfilment functions

Spaceguard workstation signal tower lights and signalling products improve efficiency by design.

Our Lean production signalling solutions help reduce downtime, in addition to improving productivity and free capacity. Spaceguard offers especially low cost simple solutions for lean processes.

Spaceguard’s Andon signal light columns are above all the ideal optical aid, for supervising workflows and materials in processes or in machines.

Where used, Andon signalling equipment can serve as a visual or acoustic warning system.

Direct from our UK based factory, we supply stand-alone units, in addition to bench or post mounted, as well as fully wired andon kits.

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andon led lights

Andon Signal Lights

  • Range of signal tower formats available
  • Add to any Spaceguard packing stations, conveyors, or workstations
  • Complete kits available for retro fitting
  • Free-standing towers can be manufactured to order
Lean andon signal lighting

What are Andon Systems?

Andon refers to any visual display that shows status information on the plant floor, in this case we are looking at Andon Signal Lights. 

Andon Systems originate in Japan and are widely used in Lean manufacturing and assembly applications.

Spaceguard's manual call light systems function according to the same principle. First of all when an optical is illuminated the supervisor or employee is made aware of the fact that an immediate response is required.

These products can also be equipped at every employee's workstation. At the touch of a button, the employee can precisely and instantaneously signal which type of issue has occurred.

About Spaceguard Andon Signal Lights

The Andon light Kit from Spaceguard provides the necessary components to create a light signal system that will improve productivity. It can indicate line status, show when a team leader or materials are running low. This allows users to highlight issues, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our Andon workplace signal lights are a 24V system that allows up to 4 lights to be switched. All Spaceguard Andon kits are supplied fully wired ready for plug and play.

We are able to provide workstation mounted or post mounted varieties of andon signal light towers complete with call buttons.


  • A simple call system for various applications such as manual workstations.
  • Up to 4 lights available with corresponding colour-coded buttons
  • Colour coded buttons to highlight different statuses and process issues.
  • Options of stand-alone andon lights for customer mounting
  • Workbench mounted lights stack or floor mounted Andon Station.
  • Options also available for sounders for stop lights.

What are the benefits of using Andon Signal Lights?

Reduce Downtime, Increase Productivity

Spaceguard Andon signal lights kits attract the eye, especially in places where noise is high and other signals might not be noticed.

Depending on the color that displays, workers or team leaders immediately understand the potential problem and are able to rectify minimising downtime in processes.

Our andon lights are ideal for Lean processing. The Spaceguard signal towers are made using high visibility LEDs to maximize view whilst providing running cost over typical bulb systems.

Lean packing cell
Workstation signal lights

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