Welcome to Spaceguard
UK workbench & conveyor manufacturer providing robust workspace products.

Spaceguard is a UK workbench and lean workspace solutions manufacturer.

We work with our customers to supply industrial workbenches, workstations and conveyors, such as belt conveyors and gravity conveyors.

Our products are designed to bring real cost savings, boost productivity, reduce manual handling, and also bring considerable improvements to operator ergonomics.

As a UK workbench and conveyor systems manufacturer, we aim to provide a complete range of bespoke and standard warehouse equipment including fulfilment and automation solutions.


We offer fast quotes on all products at great prices.
Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

We supply to a wide range of industries

  • E-fulfilment
  • Contract packing
  • Automotive
  • Industrial product assembly
  • Electrical assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Clean room
  • Education
  • Warehouse
  • Food Sector

Our customers include

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Why Spaceguard is an ideal UK workbench supply partner

In-house Design & Manufacture

We design & manufacture all products in house at our UK factory. Our products include standard robust packing tables or assembly benches, in addition to fully bespoke workstations.

Our bespoke workstations can include a number of custom options, such as automation equipment, weighing scales, andon lights and IT integration.

We work with our customers from concept through to design, to manufacture, and finally installation where required.

Spaceguard has a wealth of experience to develop a workspace solution which suits your business, whilst also allowing flexibility for changing business needs.

We work to suit customer requirements

Where required Spaceguard offers site visits to assess customer requirements. We are able to perform time studies and propose solutions that are specifically designed to suit the environment.

Spaceguard's robust "built to last" philosophy drives our business and each of our processes.

We utilize our design and testing capabilities to drive continuous improvement, with investments made in products and our manufacturing processes to ensure consistent high quality output.

As a result we have the confidence to provide robust workstations and equipment at competitive prices.