Packing Line: Conveyor Belt & Bespoke Benches (Recent project)

Spaceguard recently designed, manufactured, and installed this packing line for one of our customers. It features a 20 metre conveyor belt and roller conveyor in addition to 20 bespoke packing benches. The packing benches include packaging storage, in addition to louvre panels, open front drawers, roll holders, keyboard trays, and monitor brackets. The bench worktops are at the ideal height for packaging and then sliding packages off onto the conveyor belt. From here they travel towards the roller conveyor, where … Read More

Warehouse Returns Processing

Why are returns a problem for online retailers? Throughout the online retail sector the processing of returned goods is a major headache. Items returning to the warehouse must undergo a procedure to determine their quality and whether they’re suitable for resale. This procedure takes time, leading to inventory getting ‘stuck’ within the returns process. Retailers in most cases pay for the item to be transported back to the warehouse, this in turn eroding profit margins on lower cost items. The … Read More

Flower Packing Conveyor Belt (Recent Project)

Spaceguard recently installed three 15 metre long packing conveyor belts for a flower packing business. Our team travelled to the site with the conveyors part assembled and were able to finish the assembly on site. Contact Us If you or your business is in need of a conveyor belt please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

5 Bespoke Packing Benches

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Bespoke Packing Benches UK Manufactured By Spaceguard In this post we look at some of our previous designs of bespoke packing benches. This is a very small selection of our previous work. To see more photos of our packing benches please see the ‘Gallery’ section in the menu above. If you have a design in mind for a packing table or workstation contact us for a free quotation. You can send a photo, drawing, or sketch to illustrate your idea … Read More

Mobile workbench options for a flexible workshop space

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A robust mobile workbench offers more freedom in your busy workshop or workspace. The ability to easily manoeuvre your workbench around your working area to assist with tasks is a practical yet simple way to help your project go smoothly. Our portable workbench can be manufactured to include vice plates, drawers, cupboards, and other types of tool storage. We also manufacture mobile tool chest workbenches or side benches with drawers as can be seen in the photo below. The mobile … Read More

Custom designed Mailroom and Packing furniture

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A poorly organised post room with inefficient mailroom furniture can lead to big problems down the line for your business. We all understand the sheer frustration of waiting for an important letter that’s taking forever to arrive, or refreshing online parcel tracking over and over. Where is it? What if it never arrives? It’s surprising how panic inducing lost mail can be! Now imagine that special letter or parcel would have already arrived safe and sound, had it not been … Read More

Heavy Duty Steel Workbench ( Recent Project )

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This robust heavy duty steel workbench was manufactured and sent out recently to a UK engineering company. This work bench is one of our extra heavy duty steel benches, constructed from a mild steel frame with a strong mild steel work bench top. We offer vices for our woodworking and engineering workbenches. This particular bench has an 8kg engineers vice. We are also able to manufacture stainless steel workbenches unpainted for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Steel Workbench Key … Read More

Work Bench with Sockets ( Recent Project )

This work bench with sockets is another one of our bespoke workbenches for a UK based power tools company. As with all of our electrical and heavy duty benches this was designed and manufactured entirely to suit the customers requirements. Work Bench Features: Measures 2000 x 900 x 850mm Castors (wheels) Birch plywood top Louvre panel (left) Plain steel back panel (powder coated RAL 7035) 4 x Steel Drawers Angled trunking along back edge 2 x 110V double sockets 2 … Read More

Modular Belt Packing Conveyor System ( Recent Project )

This packing conveyor system we designed and manufactured for an agricultural supplies company. It comprises of a number of workbenches with a modular belt conveyor. Employees can be situated at the benches preparing and packaging products for dispatch. These products can then in turn be pushed onto the modular belt conveyor. From here they can then be collected for further processing or dispatch. Modular Belt Conveyor Features: 6000 x 532 x 900 mm Shaft mounted geared motor Control Panel Photo … Read More

E-fulfilment Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Spaceguard are UK Conveyor Belt Manufacturers specialising in E-fulfilment conveyor systems Spaceguard are UK based conveyor belt manufacturers, with over a decade of experience in providing reliable solutions to a wide range of businesses. We are one of several conveyor systems manufacturers in the UK, providing specialist advice and conveyor solutions to e-fulfilment operations. Our technical engineers regularly visit manufacturing & distribution sites to assist in the planning and development stages of conveyor system design. We also offer similar industrial … Read More

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