Heavy duty workbench custom manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard

The Heavy Duty Workbench range as standard have a uniformly distributed load (UDL) rating of 1000kg for each workbench. However Spaceguard also manufacture bespoke super heavy duty work benches. These are suitable for loads up to 5000 Kg.

Our heavy duty work bench range is made using steel box section thereby giving structural strength.

The benches are also available with a choice of workbench work tops,  for example steel, food grade stainless steel, hardwood, or plastic.

As these benches are manufactured to suit the customers needs, they are suitable for all types of engineering, manufacturing & industrial uses. This includes for the workshop, factory, laboratory, garage, warehouse or at home.

Supplied to you fully welded and assembled & Ready to use.

Fast quotes on robust standard and bespoke heavy duty benches at great prices.
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Heavy Duty Work Bench - drawers open
heavy duty Bench with drawers
ceramex table

Quick Summary: Work Bench Specification

  • Workbench Detail: Delivered fully assembled ready for work
  • Frame Construction: Heavy Gauge Robust Welded box section or stainless steel
  • Frame Finish: Durable powder coated paint finish / stainless steel
  • Work bench Worktop: Steel, wooden or plastic top
  • Options: See available storage, IT and electrical options

We can manufacture to suit your exact requirements in size, material, colour, worktops, storage, and optional extras including conveyors.

Heavy Duty Benches

Heavy duty mobile workbenches for loads up to 1000 Kg

Product details:

Ideal for general industrial requirements.

Has a base working load of 1000kg and a welded steel framework.

A wide range of options and accessories are available.

Heavy duty mobile workbench

Product details:

This work bench is easy to move into the required position.

Normally ideal for loads up to 1500kg, we offer external load testing if required.

As with all our benches, it is manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Heavy duty mobile workbenches for loads up to 1000 Kg

Extra heavy duty work bench

Extra heavy duty workbenches for loads up to 5000 Kg

Product details:

The extra heavy duty bench is ideal for loads up to 5000kg.

We can also offer external load testing.

Heavy duty roller table

Product details:

The heavy duty roller table is manufactured completely bespoke to suit the customer requirements.

We offer roller and ball transfer options.

Heavy duty roller table

Why Spaceguard is the ideal partner to manufacture your Work Benches

steel top tool drawer
  • Independent load testing and stamping.
  • Complete in-house design & build service.
  • Proven robust welded workbenches.
  • Competitive pricing in addition to short lead times.
  • Choice of standard of fully bespoke design.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Wherever possible delivered fully assembled.
  • On site installation also available.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements

Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

Case Study: Heavy duty benches for major UK oil refinery


  • Heavy duty workbenches of welded construction – namely robust enough to take the work in an engineering workshop.
  • In this case must be load tested to 1000Kg +
  • Benches must be of bespoke sizes to fit within the space available. Must be load tested to 1000Kg +
  • Also have 4 x lockable drawers, each able to hold 100+ Kg.
  • Included a Bolt type locking double front cupboard.
  • Fitted with a steel worksurface with a hardwood core therefore reducing noise levels.
Heavy duty workbenches in customer workshop

Customer comments

Having received our new benches I thought I would send you a couple of photos of how robust they look now they are in place. I can say they are quality workbenches which will make a huge improvement. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Spaceguard company to others.


We offer fast quotes on workbenches at great prices.
Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

Order Standard Sized Heavy Duty Benches Online

Heavy duty mobile workbenches for loads up to 1000 Kg

Manufactured by Spaceguard from robust welded steel box section, in addition to a durable powder coated paint finish. Complete with a steel worktop coupled with a lower shelf. It has a load tested design. Delivered to your site fully assembled. Ready for work. Made to order, standard sizes can be ordered online.

ModelDimensionsBase PriceBuy Now
HDT 1200 x 600L1200 x W600 x H850£292 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1200 x 750L1200 x W750 x H850£303 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1200 x 900L1200 x W900 x H850£308 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1500 x 600L1500 x W600 x H850£308 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1500 x 750L1500 x W750 x H850£327 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1500 x 900L1500 x W900 x H850£337 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1800 x 600L1800 x W600 x H850£337 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1800 x 750L1800 x W750 x H850£350 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 1800 x 900L1800 x W900 x H850£361 + VAT Buy Online
HDT 2000 x 600L2000 x W600 x H850£361 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 2000 x 750L2000 x W750 x H850£373 +VAT Buy Online
HDT 2000 x 900L2000 x W900 x H850£384 +VAT Buy Online

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Terminology  / Glossary

Deflection: How much the frame bends under load.

Height: Work top working height from the floor.

Length: Overall bench length.

Load test: The test carried out to measure the deflection and movement in the structure, when a specific weight is applied.

Safe working load: The actual load the bench can take without movement.

UDL: Uniform distributed load – The weight loading of the bench – Please note. This is different to safe working load.

Width: Overall bench width.