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Bespoke ball transfer tables for assembly on site

ball transfer table

Spaceguard manufactures ball tables fully bespoke to order

This equipment was designed, manufactured, and delivered for self-assembly in 2021

In this case, the bespoke ball table consists of a number of single units designed to be bolted together as shown in the picture below.

This ball transfer table featured:

  • Multiple modules that fit together
  • Balls set at 150mm Square Pitch
  • Side guides & outfeed

For more options please see our ball table page.

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How does a ball transfer table work?

Items placed on the ball table will glide smoothly over the surface when pushed. Heavy components, machine parts and motors can be transported or turned with ease. This makes ball tables ideal for use in repair, assembly & manufacturing industries.

ball tables demonstration

A ball transfer table is a robust table in which a number of ball units are mounted.

The pattern in which they are mounted can be square or diamond.

The ball pitch is the distance between the centre of each ball and the next. For example, the ball table featured above has a pitch of 150mm, so the balls are spaced 150mm apart.

The ball unit itself consists of a case within which sits a large ball that rests on a number of smaller balls.

Design Stage

Ball Table Layout

Project Gallery


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