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Packing Tables vs Workbenches: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Operation

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Whether you operate in industrial or e-commerce environments, selecting the right equipment for your warehouse or distribution centre is crucial. Two essential pieces of hardware that often come into consideration are packing tables and workbenches.

Both serve important functions, but which one is right for your specific needs? Our guide will help you understand the differences between packing tables vs workbenches and how to choose the right option for your operation.

What are Packing Tables?

Packing tables, also known as packing benches or packaging benches, are specialised workstations explicitly designed for packaging and despatch operations. These tables are engineered to streamline the packing process, improve efficiency, and optimise the workspace within a warehouse or distribution centre.

Packing Tables Features

Packing tables typically feature:

  • A large, flat worktop for assembling and packaging items
  • Storage areas for packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape
  • Integrated roll dispensers for easy access to packaging materials
  • Shelving or racking systems for organising and storing products
  • Built-in scales for weighing parcels
  • Ergonomic design features to enhance operator comfort and productivity

Types of Packing Tables

  • Standard packing benches – Basic models suitable for most packaging operations.
  • Height-adjustable packing stations – Ergonomic options you can adjust to suit different operators.
  • Mobile packing tables – Castors allow mobility while locks keep the workstation in place.
  • Modular packing workbenches – Customisable systems you can configure to your specific requirements.

What are Workbenches?

Workbenches are versatile pieces of industrial furniture designed for a wide range of applications. They provide a sturdy and durable work surface for various tasks, from assembly and repair to quality control and general workspace needs.

Workbench Features

Workbenches often include:

  • A sturdy worktop capable of withstanding heavy loads
  • Storage options such as drawers and shelves
  • Adjustable height settings for ergonomic comfort
  • Heavy-duty construction for industrial applications
  • Options for mobility with the addition of casters

Types of Workbenches

How Do Packing Tables vs Workbenches Differ?

While both packing tables and workbenches offer a dedicated space for work, they differ in several key aspects.

Packing Tables Workbenches
Specialisation Specifically designed for packaging and despatch operations More versatile and appropriate for a variety of tasks
Features Include integrated packaging-specific features like roll dispensers and scales General-purpose storage and workspace options
Ergonomics Focuses on efficient movement and easy access to materials Offer more adjustability for different types of work
Durability Steel frames for high strength and durability Steel frames for high strength and durability
Customisation Highly customisable Highly customisable

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Between Packing Tables and Workbenches?

Selecting the right work surface can significantly impact your packing and assembly workflow. Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider when choosing between packing tables and workbenches:

Primary Use

What’s the main purpose of the equipment? Packing tables excel at streamlining packaging and shipping, while workbenches offer flexibility for various tasks, including assembly or product handling.

Space Constraints

Limited space? Packing tables offer a compact design. Workbenches can incorporate storage but require more real estate. Choose based on your available area.

Volume of Packages

Do you handle a high volume of outgoing packages? Consider the packing table’s work surface and organisation features to optimise packing efficiency.

Types of Products

The size and weight of your products play a role. Workbenches provide a sturdier surface for handling heavier items.

Integration with Existing Systems

Does your operation use conveyor belts or other equipment? Ensure your chosen furniture integrates seamlessly for a smooth workflow.


Prioritise worker comfort and efficiency. Consider features like adjustable heights or cushioned mats for packing tables, and tool storage for workbenches.


Think long-term. Modular workstations offer greater flexibility for reconfiguration as your needs evolve.

How Can Spaceguard Help You Choose the Right Equipment?

At Spaceguard, we specialise in manufacturing high-quality industrial workbenches, packing benches, and conveyor systems. Our team of experts can help you choose the right equipment for your specific needs, whether you require a simple packing table or a complex, integrated workbench system.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect solution to optimise your workspace and improve your operational efficiency.