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Weigh Scale Bench integration

Integrated bench scales are a key component within distribution & packing warehouses allowing you to accurately measure out product quantities or for calculating postage costs. Both of which being crucial for improving efficiency both in time and money. Spaceguard supply, and also install and integrate weigh scales into our workbenches effectively offering a complete "ready to use" package.

We can supply integrated bench scales with various plate sizes & weight increments with a range of different head/displays offering various functions that may be required. The scales range is available in different IP ratings which means we can supply standard scales for various distribution centres right through to scales suitable for heavy use within the food industry. Our scales have all been calibrated & certified under ISO 9001 quality standards.

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integrated bench scales
Loosely Supplied

Spaceguard scales can be loosely supplied, included within the cost of the bench. This could be ideal if the final position of the scales has yet to be confirmed or the scale may need to be constantly re positioned due to different workers and task requirements.

We can also provide custom brackets for mounting the scale head/display onto the bench itself as well as all electrical and data points offering a solution which needs nothing more than simply plugging in.

integrated bench scales
Integrated bench scales

We can manufacture workbenches that have custom cutouts within the worktop surface. Combined with a lower shelf in the right position this allows platform or bench top scales to be sat within the table itself raising them above the work area by just a few mm which would be ideal for packing and then weighing with no downtime or heavy repeated lifting. This option is fully bespoke to the scales itself and is irrelevant if the top is MDF, Laminate or Steel as we can provide cut outs in all. Again custom brackets can be supplied to allow the scale display to be mounted onto the bench wherever required.

roller weigh scales
Integrated within roller and belt conveyors

This option could be suited for larger products/boxes or within an assembly line. Scales are positioned on a lower shelf below the worktop (which may be a section of gravity roller or perhaps a ball table). The scales are re calibrated taking into account the weight of the worktop. This then allows larger items to be rolled or easily pushed onto the section connected to the scales underneath. This again is fully bespoke and can work with any scale platform size and can be configured to work exactly to the clients need depending on the functions they require. As with our other types of scale integration we can also supply the custom brackets for the head.

Available Scale options

We offer and supply a range of different scales depending on required application including:

  • Integrated bench scales
  • Check Weighing Scales
  • Counting Scales
  • Floor Scales
  • Food Production
  • Platform Scales
  • Shipping Scales


Further modifications

  • Plate sizes ranging from 200mm x 200mm through to 1200mm x 1200mm.
  • Weight increments starting from around 5g (depending on accuracy required).
  • Max loads up to and over 300kg (again depending on the scale used and the desired application).
  • Outputs on weigh scale indicator such as RS232, Network data port or also USB.
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