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Warehouse Guarding & Barriers – Helping to Keep the Workplace Safe

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Factory Walkway Barrier manufactured by Spaceguard

Warehouse Safety Barriers

We manufacture a wide range of warehouse barriers, dividers, and protective railings to suit any warehouse, factory or workshop space. Each barrier is made to order to meet your requirements, allowing you to get exactly what you need at a price to suit your budget. We use the highest-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes to create each section of barrier - we do all this from our East Yorkshire based factory.

Safety is vital in any workplace, and warehouses hold many potential hazards that must be avoided. One of the main risks arises from the combination of both pedestrians and vehicles sharing the same workspace. Both the forklift and pedestrian traffic must be managed to prevent accidents, this is where safety barriers and signage are required to denote safe routes around the warehouse for each type of traffic.

Warehouse barriers come in many forms, including heavy-duty welded steel barriers, simple safety barriers, crash barriers, and softer foam impact barriers to protect the building and its contents from collisions.

A common type of warehouse protection is bollards and protective posts, these prevent vehicle access whilst allowing for pedestrian access.

Each of these types of barriers can be made entirely to order, allowing you to choose the sizes, heights, design, and even the colour of the barriers to suit your space.

Factory and warehouse safety barriers are often powder coated in highly visible colours (such as yellow and orange) or with contrasting colour combinations (black and yellow). These act as a deterrent to vehicles and help to mark out designated safe warehouse zones for foot traffic. In many cases, these barriers are secured to the floor or building using heavy-duty plates.



Factory Walkway Barriers

Factory walkway barriers provide aesthetically pleasing walkway protection to help to protect stock, shelving, buildings and features, and also the workforce from forklift collisions and accidents. This is especially important when warehouses and factories are during their peak season or running close to capacity as the extra hustle and bustle in the workspace can lead to careless incidents. Barriers are ideal for providing constrained safe routes through production areas.

A good factory barrier is heavy duty and immoveable, able to take the impact of moving vehicles without failing - this is why it's important to partner with a reliable manufacturer to ensure your factory barriers are of the highest possible quality.

Factory barriers and warehouse railings also help to prevent injury from falling items by keeping people away from high-risk storage areas, such as stacked pallets and high racking.

We work with our clients to deliver barriers that are complementary to the surroundings and keep footfall within the walkway zones and out of the production zones whilst providing additional pedestrian safety.


Warehouse Guarding & Security Cages

Warehouse guarding is a versatile protection method to keep buildings, machinery, racking, and personnel safe. We manufacture a range of industrial mesh guarding and cages that deliver strong protection to all parts of the warehouse or factory environment.

Our mesh guarding and cages are fully bespoke and made to order to suit your requirements. Whether you're looking to protect employees from hazardous machinery and conveyor systems or to protect products from theft and damage, our custom-made guarding is highly versatile and can be installed in almost any space.


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