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Bespoke Packing Tables – Improve your packing process

bespoke packing tables for a happy workforce

Improve your packing process and increase employee wellbeing

with our Bespoke Packing Tables


We know improving your packing process isn't rocket science, but it does require durable, efficient and well-designed workspaces.
Hand packing stations continue to be a very important part of the entire packing process, so we design and build all of our bespoke tables with increasing productivity in mind. Tables made to suit the requirements of your workplace with multiple possible accessories to assist employees in their workflow and worklife wellbeing.


"But we already have a number of packing tables"


Many believe having a number of simlistic, standard tables is sufficient for their packing and processing operations. However, buisnesses are seeing huge benefits by investing in this area, from production to their workers.
Improving and increasing production won't happen without comfortable and supported employees, by investing in an ergonomic packing bench we invest in our employees wellbeing. In return, satisfied employees are more productive and have easier access to resorces needed to complete their tasks.

Height adjustable packing stations

steel bespoke packing table


Completely bespoke

A wide range of accessories available

Arrive fully assembled

Employee injuries reduced

Stationary or mobile options

Drawings & renders offered

No quantity limit

wooden and steel bespoke packing table
bespoke packing tables and accessories
design and build bespoke packing table process
packing bench workbench

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Optimising packing processes with bespoke packing tables can bring gains in productivity

Optimising packing processes by partnering with a suitable process engineering and work space solutions company will give large gains in productivity. Spaceguard has regularly worked with businesses providing well designed bespoke packing bespoke packing tables, laid out for operator efficiency. Our systems have shown businesses large gains in both efficiency and profitability, and overall reductions in client costs moving forward.


Lean packing and fulfilment areas are also useful sales tools for customer visits for potential clients.

Above all when meeting with prospective clients, you want to show that your business is THE business they want to work with. A well-designed layout for your processing equipment shows that you take all aspects of your business seriously and professionally.

Why would a client want their products to be processed on stacked, overcrowded, disorganised and cluttered standard tables?


Bespoke Workstation Options

Investment in well designed layouts coupled with standardising processes will give increases in company or site profitability. This on an ongoing basis will help contribute to the savings many customers expect throughout contracts. Ways of optimising packing processes include integration of belt or roller conveyors, IT equipment, bench integrated scales, and storage solutions for packaging.