Modular Belt Packing Conveyor System ( Recent Project )

This packing conveyor system we designed and manufactured for an agricultural supplies company. It comprises of a number of workbenches with a modular belt conveyor. Employees can be situated at the benches preparing and packaging products for dispatch. These products can then in turn be pushed onto the modular belt conveyor. From here they can then be collected for further processing or dispatch. Modular Belt Conveyor Features: 6000 x 532 x 900 mm Shaft mounted geared motor Control Panel Photo … Read More

Increased warehouse efficiency with mobile driven roller conveyors

The customer requirement for Spaceguard mobile lineshaft and 24 Volt driven conveyor systems has dramatically increased. With some of our e-commerce customers, requiring improved operational efficiency throughout the working day. From within goods in, processing and packing. To the loading of carriers. Mobile driven roller conveyor allows systems and processes to be re configured through the day or season to cope with variation in demands, operation and required staffing. Customers have made it clear they require a reliable conveyor solution … Read More

5 Handy Workbench Storage Solutions

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Workbench Storage Solutions from Spaceguard 1) Shelves A workbench storage solution that is rather straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of explanation is shelves. However at Spaceguard we are able to make custom sizes, shaped, and angled shelves to suit your operations. For example the bench pictured below is a bespoke packing bench with a number of shelf options. The side shelf is suitable for a label printer, whilst the slanted shelf to the right can hold documents, a tablet, … Read More

6 things to consider when purchasing a Cutting Table

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When looking to purchase a cutting table for fabric for your business, sewing or craft room there are a few things to take into consideration.   You don’t want to find that once you buy the cutting table of your choice, your projects have outgrown it already. In this situation you’re back on the floor struggling to neatly cut through roll after roll of fabric. Obviously that is not ideal. In this post we will answer some of the most … Read More

Industrial grade Inline productive workstations

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Bespoke Inline industrial workstations bring real savings Well designed process line industrial workstations will not only improve productivity, but also show improvements in quality and improved worker ergonomics. By Improving worker environment and position using equipment which is build fit for purpose – both automated (Conveyor) and static industrial workbenches not only give the increases described above. Also has an additional benefit of been an extension of the front facing areas of the business. Having well designed processing and packing … Read More

Increase profits by optimising packing processes

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Optimising packing processes with bespoke workstations can bring gains in productivity Optimising packing processes by partnering with a suitable process engineering and work space solutions company will give large gains in productivity. Spaceguard has regularly worked with businesses providing well designed bespoke packing areas, laid out for operator efficiency. Our systems have shown businesses large gains in both efficiency and profitability, and overall reductions in client costs moving forward.   To follow a quote from one of the continuous improvement groups. … Read More

Industry benchmark heavy duty workbench

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What makes a heavy duty workbench? Welded construction for extra strength (no self assembly) Sturdy construction manufactured from hollow section sized to suit the application Designed to carry the required load with a high safety factor Robustly manufactured Designed to suit heavy engineering and manufacturing applications Heavy duty worksurface such as steel topped, steel on coreboard, hardwood, laminate faced hardwood, linoleum faced hardboard or UHMWPE (no chipboard) Options for drawers, cupboards, tool storage & services built within the bench We … Read More

Bespoke Packing Bench Designs

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The bespoke packing bench manufactured by Spaceguard is customisable to suit a large variety of industries. Below is a few examples of the range of benches we have previously designed and built for clients. Packing Bench With Cutter This bench is manufactured from a mild steel welded frame with an MDF top and shelves. It also has a cutter fitted to the back edge for cutting packaging materials such as bubble wrap.

Heavy Duty Work Benches

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Heavy Duty Workbenches What materials are heavy duty workbenches made from? The heavy duty work benches range is generally manufactured from heavy gauge box section. We use welded cross struts and extra bracing for extra heavy duty work benches. The tops can be constructed from hardwood or steel, or alternatively thick steel / stainless steel backed with a wooden or plywood core board.  

Adjustable height workstations improve ergonomic position and productivity

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Why use adjustable height workstations? When your staff spend hours at workstations every day, even the smallest features of your work space. Such as the position of your monitor or materials can greatly affect productivity and even health. Workspace does not have to wear you down every day, but not having correct working heights, untidy worktops, and poor lighting and worker position. These things to name but a few, have a direct impact on productivity and employee health. With a … Read More

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