Packing table with waste chutes (Recent Project)

Packing Bench Specification This packing table measures 1400 x 700 x 900mm to bench height, and features top packaging dividers in MDF, with PVC covered MDF for the shelf and worktop. There is also a packing material cutter mounted to the worksurface, and two bin chutes in the top and side of the bench for sorting refuse. Spaceguard is a UK based bespoke equipment manufacturer We manufacture all products bespoke, so you can get the exact packing bench to suit … Read More

Repair bench with lighting & storage (Recent Project)

This repair bench is complete with a durable white worktop, pigeonholes and shelves. There are holes in the worktop which allow for items to be placed in bins underneath. The under bench drawer is constructed from steel, this is also lockable. There are 4 double 13A sockets mounted to the rear of the worksurface, as well as rail for a tablet holder (not pictured) which is height and angle adjustable. Overhead there is a lighting rail with an LED light, … Read More

How to boost productivity with custom designed ergonomic workstations

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Standard or custom designed ergonomic workstations. Which is better? At Spaceguard we know custom designed is usually the answer, and we’re sure you do too. In this article we explore why and how bespoke and custom designed ergonomic workstations improve productivity and keep your staff happy and healthy. As a custom workstation manufacturer we spend a lot of time hearing about workspace problems. A common issue our customers face is that they don’t have the optimum workstation solution for their … Read More

Packing Bench Workstation (Recent Project)

Stainless Steel Packing Bench Workstation Packing Bench Features Monitor bracket Weigh scales Steel worktop Bench mounted cutter Lower packing roll holder Packaging dividers You may also be interested in Stainless steel conveyors for food production Stainless steel workbenches & tables Packing benches for warehouse use

Workbench with Storage (Recent Project)

Fully welded ESD workbench with storage Spaceguard are a UK based workbench and workplace equipment manufacturer. In this post we look at another of our recently completed projects focusing on workbenches with multiple storage options. In many work environments the workspace can become cluttered and untidy. A workbench with sufficient storage designed to suit the user and the application can be a quick and easy way to clean up the workspace and improve productivity through better organisation. Workbench Features: Dimensions … Read More

ESD Electronics Workstations (Recent Project)

ESD Workstations Specification Fully welded and powder coated frames Light grey melamine faced MDF worktops Adjustable upper shelves Overhead lighting rail with LED light Under bench drawer Full ESD kits Customer Feedback “Very happy now the workshop is completed, great quality benches. “

Packing Line: Conveyor Belt & Bespoke Benches (Recent project)

Spaceguard recently designed, manufactured, and installed this packing line for one of our customers. It features a 20 metre conveyor belt and roller conveyor in addition to 20 bespoke packing benches. The robust fully welded packing benches include packaging storage, in addition to louvre panels, open front drawers, roll holders, keyboard trays, and monitor brackets. The bench worktops are at the ideal height for packaging and then sliding packages off onto the conveyor belt. From here they travel towards the … Read More

Returns Processing: Why are returns a problem for online retailers?

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Why are returns a problem for online retailers? Throughout the online retail sector the processing of returned goods is a major headache. Items returning to the warehouse must undergo a procedure to determine their quality and whether they’re suitable for resale. This procedure takes time, leading to inventory getting ‘stuck’ within the returns process. Retailers in most cases pay for the item to be transported back to the warehouse, this in turn eroding profit margins on lower cost items. The … Read More

5 Bespoke Packing Benches

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Bespoke Packing Benches UK Manufactured By Spaceguard In this post we look at some of our previous designs of bespoke packing benches. This is a very small selection of our previous work. To see more photos of our packing benches please see the ‘Gallery’ section in the menu above. If you have a design in mind for a packing table or workstation contact us for a free quotation. You can send a photo, drawing, or sketch to illustrate your idea … Read More

Mobile workbench options for a flexible workshop space

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A robust mobile workbench offers more freedom in your busy workshop or workspace. The ability to easily manoeuvre your workbench around your working area to assist with tasks is a practical yet simple way to help your project go smoothly. Our portable workbench can be manufactured to include vice plates, drawers, cupboards, and other types of tool storage. We also manufacture mobile tool chest workbenches or side benches with drawers as can be seen in the photo below. The mobile … Read More

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