Lean workstations improve productivity

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Well designed lean packing or assembly areas increase productivity, reduce manual handling and improve worker ergonomics As a UK manufacturer, Spaceguard is an ideal partner to take your product packing or assembly department from concept into a highly productive work … Read More

Increase profits by optimising packing processes

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Optimising packing processes with bespoke workstations can bring gains in productivity Optimising packing processes by partnering with a suitable process engineering and work space solutions company will give large gains in productivity. Spaceguard has regularly worked with businesses providing well designed … Read More

Employee Temperature Testing Station

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Fever Testing Station £499.95 Free mainland UK delivery Spaceguard manufacture a base welfare testing station. Which has been supplied to warehouses to allow the temperature testing of staff and visitors to be carried out safely from behind the barrier. This … Read More

5 Handy Workbench Storage Solutions

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Shelves A workbench storage solution that is rather straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of explanation is shelves. At Spaceguard we are able to make custom-sized, shaped, and angled industrial-strength shelves to suit your operations. For example, the bench pictured … Read More

Fast & efficient on-site conveyor installation

Spaceguard’s on-site installation team are available for fast and efficient product installs In many cases Spaceguard conveyor systems and benches arrive fully assembled and wired, ready for work, simply requiring sitting in the desired location. However, sometimes our customers require … Read More

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