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Save money and increase productivity with bespoke production workstations

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bespoke production workstations

Bespoke Production Workstations vs Standard Workbenches

The productivity benefits behind bespoke production workstations that are designed specifically for your production or packing application far outweigh the initial extra workstation costs.

If using a standard workbench you can pack a parcel in 60 seconds, using a well-designed production workstation even a minimal time saving can massively improvement in productivity and output.

For example...

If your bespoke workstation allows a saving of as little as 5 seconds through process streamlining with materials and or IT integration

That means for every 12 packages processed, you get one free.

Working on 8 hour days, that works out at over 40 additional parcels from one person per day.

This is just one example of short term payback on the additional investment of bespoke production or packing workstations.

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Why choose a bespoke workstation over a standard workbench?

  • Quick return on investment
  • Organised workspace
  • Ergonomic layouts
  • Better for health & safety
  • Suited to your specific requirements
  • Rigid, modular or reconfigurable designs are available
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