On Site Conveyor Installation

Onsite Conveyor Installation

Spaceguard's on site installation team are available for fast and efficient product installs.

In many cases Spaceguard conveyor systems and benches arrive fully assembled and wired, ready for work, simply requiring siting in the desired location.

However it is often the case that a customer benefits from an onsite ecommerce packing solution installation. Our on site installation team will then pay them a visit.

This is to ensure that everything is installed, set up safely, and running smoothly.

Lineshaft conveyor installation
Lineshaft conveyor installation
onsite conveyor installation lineshaft
onsite conveyor installation lineshaft

This was the case recently for a large fashion retailer who needed a packing line solution for ecommerce orders, which included a lineshaft driven roller conveyor and a number of bespoke packing benches.

To meet their requirements Spaceguard designed and manufactured 20 bespoke packing benches, in addition to a 22 metre long lineshaft conveyor to transport finished orders.

The packing benches arrived constructed from a mild steel fully welded frame, with a standard blue powder coated finish.

The worktops themselves made of low pressure laminate with an upstand along the back and one side edge of the bench top. The benches also have a number of lower shelves made from MDF to support packaging.

Lineshaft conveyor installation
onsite conveyor installation lineshaft
onsite conveyor installation lineshaft

The lineshaft as mentioned previously measured 22 metres in length, by 60cm wide.

It is also fitted with precision bearing rollers to reduce conveyor noise. The motors on the conveyors are driven using frequency inverters to allow for variable speed. These are situated within a control panel.

Remote stops were also fitted down the length of the conveyor for additional user safety.


On this occasion the 3 man installation team were on site for 4 hours. Within this time they were able to fully install, wire, and test the lineshaft conveyor and position the benches in place on a first floor mezzanine.

We were very happy to receive positive feedback from the client, with compliments to our staff for their efficient and smooth onsite conveyor installation, and remarks on how quiet the lineshaft conveyor runs.

We are of course always happy to hear feedback from our customers.


To make an enquiry regarding any of our products and services please don't hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

onsite conveyor installation lineshaft
lineshaft conveyor and benches
onsite conveyor installation lineshaft and benches
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