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Increase profits by optimising packing processes

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Optimising packing processes with bespoke workstations can bring gains in productivity

Optimising packing processes by partnering with a suitable process engineering and work space solutions company will give large gains in productivity. Spaceguard has regularly worked with businesses providing well designed bespoke packing areas, laid out for operator efficiency. Our systems have shown businesses large gains in both efficiency and profitability, and overall reductions in client costs moving forward.

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Question: "When is a simple desk an efficient packing station?"

Answer: "Never. Efficient packing solutions are not a one shoe fits all customer fix"

Lean packing and fulfilment areas are also useful sales tools for customer visits for potential clients.

Above all when meeting with prospective clients, you want to show that your business is THE business they want to work with. A well-designed layout for your processing equipment shows that you take all aspects of your business seriously and professionally.

Why would a client want their products to be processed on stacked, overcrowded, disorganised and cluttered standard tables?


"But I've already got tables."

For most companies, packing and fulfilment have always been a necessary evil. Subsequently, low capital and process investment has been put into setting up and daily running of this area of the business.

Many believe a number of simple desks or tables is wholly sufficient to use for their packing and processing operations. However, some companies are starting to see the benefit of investment in this area.

Finding that well-designed workstations improve productivity and output volume, whilst reducing manual handling. Expensive labour costs also become reduced, and employee injury is lessened considerably.

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Covid Safe Working Environments

Health and safety are always of the utmost importance however in the current climate, it matters more than ever.

It is now a legal requirement for workplaces to be "covid safe". Unfortunately, standard tables and benches may not allow for the correct space for social distancing. Also, employees may have to cross paths more often to retrieve packing materials when stored inefficiently.

A bespoke lean packing area allows for each employee to have a fully stocked workstation with all equipment integrated meaning they will be more likely to stay within their designated station. In addition, all surfaces can be manufactured to be safe for alcohol sanitizing, with stainless steel, melamine, laminate and other surface options available. We have numerous options that can enhance workstations and optimise processes.

Please contact Spaceguard to discuss your requirements.

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Bespoke Workstation Options

Investment in well designed layouts coupled with standardising processes will give increases in company or site profitability. This on an ongoing basis will help contribute to the savings many customers expect throughout contracts. Ways of optimising packing processes include integration of belt or roller conveyors, IT equipment, bench integrated scales, and storage solutions for packaging.


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