Flexible conveyors are ideal for fast-paced loading & unloading

Flexible conveyors offer versatile and cost-effective solutions for applications including vehicle loading & unloading.

These gravity roller conveyors are ideal for reducing turnaround times. Whether you require them hourly to load packaged items on vans or as part of your production process. The flexible conveyor offers increases in efficiency. Whilst having the benefit of re-configuration and space-saving when closed up for storage. They are ideal for packaging and assembly lines which need to be reconfigured quickly due to space restrictions.

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Flexible Conveyors

  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Ideal for loading & unloading vehicles
  • Compacts for easy storage
  • Powered and unpowered varieties available

Flexible Conveyors Overview

The main feature of the flexible conveyor is that it can be moved easily and positioned within minutes.

Simply wheel the conveyor into position, and expand it out, straight or around bends as you require.

This flexible conveyor is manufactured using a lattice side frame, which enables it to be stretched out around corners with ease. The conveyor can be used either on their own and also to connect existing solutions in warehouse despatch areas, shops or assembly lines.

Flexible conveyors are designed for transporting parcels. With roller options including plastic skate wheels, PVC conveyor rollers or zinc-plated rollers. Together with build options for standard duty gravity roller, heavy duty gravity and driven roller.


The features of a flexible / expanding conveyor include:

  • Ability to manipulate into 'U' or 'S' shapes.
  • Self-tracking. Boxes follow the profile of the conveyor around bends etc.
  • Adjustable height legs. Allowing the conveyor to be run as a horizontal and also a decline conveyor.
  • Swivel lockable castors. The 127mm diameter castors allow easy conveyor movement.
  • End stop. Can be fitted to the end of the conveyor to prevent the boxes from exiting the conveyor

Flexible & Expandable Conveyor Terminology

Caster: Swivel lockable wheels fixed to the stands for easy conveyor movement.
Connecting hooks: Used to fix the conveyor to the next unit or conveyor.
End stop: Fitted to the out feed end of conveyor to stop boxes
Lattice: The steel expanding side frame section.
PVC Roller: Full width roller with 50mm diameter PVC tube. Suitable for larger light packages.
Skate wheel: Low inertia wheel for free lower product weight conveying.
Steel roller: Fully width roller with 50mm diameter mild steel zinc plated tube. Suitable for heavier loads.

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flexible conveyor

Flexible and expandable conveyors are great for quick conveyor configuration for loading and unloading in environments with limited space.