E-fulfilment Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Spaceguard are UK Conveyor Belt Manufacturers specialising in E-fulfilment conveyor systems Spaceguard are UK based conveyor belt manufacturers, with over a decade of experience in providing reliable solutions to a wide range of businesses. We are one of several conveyor systems manufacturers in the UK, providing specialist advice and conveyor solutions to e-fulfilment operations. Our technical engineers regularly visit manufacturing & distribution sites to assist in the planning and development stages of conveyor system design. We also offer similar industrial … Read More

Top Warehouse Efficiency Tips for 2021

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How to improve Warehouse Efficiency: 4 areas for improvement. Warehouse efficiency can be improved in a number of ways, from small changes to huge changes. In this article we look ahead to 2021 and give an overview of ways that your warehouse’s efficiency can be improved in the new year. If you have any suggestions for further tips please leave them in the comments. Efficiency improvement area #1: Warehouse Layout & Inventory The warehouse layout is the real key to … Read More

How do I setup my gravity conveyor?

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Gravity conveyor setup A gravity roller conveyor is a low cost method of reducing manual lifting and handling. When used in the correct application the perform reliably, giving a long service life. Is my product suitable for a gravity roller conveyor? If it has a flat bottom and the length can be spread over three rollers. The product will go down a roller conveyor. It is important to select the right rollers and construction to make sure the conveyor is … Read More

Increased warehouse efficiency with mobile driven roller conveyors

The customer requirement for Spaceguard mobile lineshaft and 24 Volt driven conveyor systems has dramatically increased. With some of our e-commerce customers, requiring improved operational efficiency throughout the working day. From within goods in, processing and packing. To the loading of carriers. Mobile driven roller conveyor allows systems and processes to be re configured through the day or season to cope with variation in demands, operation and required staffing. Customers have made it clear they require a reliable conveyor solution … Read More

Conveyor Buyers Guide: What Type Of Conveyor Do I Need?

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Types of Belt Conveyor Modular Belt Conveyors A plastic modular conveyor belt is made from an interlocking plastic mesh material. Unlike belts that rely on friction, the modular belt is positive driven by engagement with a series of sprockets underneath the belt. Modular belt conveyors are an extremely robust solution for most transport applications. The belts are hard wearing. With the correct specified material, they are widely used for transportation of sharp edged products making them ideal for boning lines. … Read More

UK warehouse equipment manufacturing

UK Warehouse Equipment As a UK manufacturer of warehouse equipment, Spaceguard is able to competitively design and build products to suit your needs. Our range includes industrial workstations, conveyors and also other warehouse equipment. These products all designed and made to fit with your industry requirements.

Reduce labour and retain your best workers

Whether you operate a factory, warehouse or fulfillment center. Good quality labour is often in short supply. As demands go up, workers — particularly skilled, motivated, productive ones — are often difficult to find and hard to retain. With E-commerce having transformed businesses, this has escalated the demand for pickers, packers and assembly workers. With peaks and troughs associated with product demands. What can you do to cope with these issues? Without drastically increasing temporary labour (which need to be … Read More

Height adjustable workstations provide better benefits for users & employers

Adjustable height workstations provide a more ergonomic solution. To operations such as packing, processing returns, assembly, repair and inspection.  The more comfortable position gained aid gains in productivity, because they easily let operators work in the ergonomic position, suitable for their own needs. (The same station can be used by someone tall as someone short on multiple shifts, or if the load or work varies in height, like multiple sized boxes or components that may be different sizes.) Using adjustable height workstations you … Read More

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