Robust welded workbenches from Spaceguard. Delivered fully assembled ready for work.

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industrial workbench with upper shelf
workbench complete with overhead lighting, anti static nylon worktop surface. Along with upper and lower shelf
Electrical sockets and louver panels fitted to medium duty industrial workbench
Industrial workbench with anti static worktop on wood based core

Delivered to your site fully assembled. “Ready for work”. Spaceguard industrial workbench products are ideal for. Product assembly, electrical work and testing. Along with warehouse workstations and laboratory applications. Manufactured with a welded section frame. These robust workbenches provide a sturdy industrial work space. With a wide choice of durable worktops and accessories to suit all applications.
With a uniform load rating of up to 500 Kg. Fitted with high load leveling feet as standard.

Industrial workbench. Spaceguard have been a manufacturing. Robust durable industrial workbench products. For a wide variety of industries in the UK. For over a decade.

Throughout we have supplied Industrial workbench products. To most sectors including the Industrial, automotive, electronics, engineering, packing, and education.

Manufactured to the highest industry standard. Spaceguard industrial workbenches are built in our UK based factory. With our quick delivery normally 7 to 10 working days. Are delivered to site fully assembled ready for work. Or for more bespoke applications, Spaceguard offers an on site installation service.

Spaceguard industrial workbench. Are robust and proven within all industries. Manufactured from welded steel section. With a durable powder coated paint finish. With Strong M16 adjustable feet. Available with a wide choice of worktops. Ddependent on your application and a large range of bench workbench options.

Standard industrial workbenches are available to order online.

From Industrial workbench concept

Our design team have a wide experience of a number of industries bringing cross industry improvements which are made to drive efficiency. From initial site sketches to 3d design layouts for presentation, time and motion and were appropriate mock up areas Spacegaurd are an ideal partner to aid with your workbench design.

Solutions based around your needs

Spaceguard work with you and listen to your requirements and ideas, we work closely with your whole team, making sure we collate their ideas, transforming them into a productive solution.

Made in the UK

All our products are manufactured in our UK factory, using our robust designs you can be sure of a workbench which will last. All of our equipment comes fully assembled an installed if your application is more bespoke. We are confident you will not be disappointed with the equipment and services you purchase from Spaceguard.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements : Phone: 01482 363445

Spaceguard is the ideal partner for Industrial Industrial workbenches as a UK manufacturer of workstations, workbenches storage and processing products that fulfill all the latest manufacturing and production philosophies, in particular the Five-S Kaizen Principles, which drive modern manufacturing.

Custom fitted industrial workbenches

Custom fitted workshop industrial workbenches
Custom fitted industrial workbench

Online ordering

Spaceguard manufacture industrial workbenches to suit your sizes and requirements, however a small range of products are available for online order.
ModelDimensionsBase PriceBuy Now
SPT1200x600L1200xW600xH850£160 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1200x750L1200xW750xH850£175 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1200x900L1200xW900xH850£180 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1500x600L1500xW600xH850£180 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1500x750L1500xW750xH850£185 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1500x900L1500xW900xH850£195 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1800x600L1800xW600xH850£205 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1800x750L1800xW750xH850£215 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT1800x900L1800xW900xH850£225 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT2000x600L2000xW600xH850£210 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT2000x750L2000xW750xH850£240 +VAT Customize & Buy
SPT2000x900L2000xW900xH850£260 +VAT Customize & Buy

Other products manufactured by Spaceguard include

Ergonomic height adjustable industrial workbenches

Spaceguard manufacture a wide range of height adjustable industrial workbenches, to suit customers specific applications.

Height adjustable industrial workbench - down
height adjustable industrial workbench -up
Height adjustable workbench - control