Urgent robust packing bench requirement manufactured and delivered within a week

Urgent packing bench

70 Industrial packing benches manufactured and delivered within a week.

Even well planned operations still have the occasional urgent requirement. As a UK manufacturer being able to respond to customers in need is of the utmost importance. The investment made in CNC machines has made it possible to deliver well engineered, robust well engineered packing benches on a quick delivery. This is a big help when these urgent requirements come along.

packing bench with upper shelf

To manufacture a large quantity of packing benches quickly for a customer. Who needs to get a site operational quickly. And them not having to compromise with quality or build strength. Not having to provide additional skilled labour to assemble items. As all Spaceguard products arrive fully assembled. Simply take them off the lorry, put in to position and then you’re operational. Easy.

Can we help you with your your urgent requirement: T: 01482 363445 or email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

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