Enhance your production and assembly process with bespoke equipment

Spaceguard is a well established manufacturer of workplace equipment including workbenches, conveyors, trolleys, workstations, shelving and more. 

We have worked with many manufacturers, machine builders, and assemblers to create custom designed equipment to assist in their production, assembly, and process lines.

Our design team will work closely with you to understand your processes thoroughly, this ensures that our products and solutions are tailor made to suit your requirements. This may include site visits where we can observe your activities and look to see where any inefficiencies or bottlenecks are occurring.

We design and manufacture all products in house at out East Yorkshire factory to the highest quality, with options for installation and servicing.

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Process Line

Bespoke Assembly & Production Equipment

  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • 3D render and layout drawings can be provided
  • Spaceguard works with customers to manufacture bespoke equipment to meet their specifications

Watch our installation team at work

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We manufacture a wide range of bespoke assembly & production equipment to suit all industries & applications

Spaceguard worked with Hollco to design & manufacture a new lean assembly line for their manufacturing facility.

This short video shows the proposed design, renders, and our team hard at work installing the new equipment on site.

What is the difference between production and assembly lines?

Production Lines

A production line is a configuration in manufacturing where operations are performed in sequential steps, towards becoming a finished component, part, or product.


Assembly Lines

Assembly lines are types of production lines, where parts and components are added or combined together with the goal of creating a finished product.


Assembly & Work Cells

Assembly cells and work cells are groups of machinery, tools, and workstations arranges so parts can be assembled in a process from one to the other, often in a continual flow. Cellular manufacturing is often considered as one of the main elements of lean manufacturing.

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bespoke assembly workstation design

With the help of 3D design we make improvements to any process through custom designed and manufactured equipment