Fulfillment packing stations

Standard and bespoke warehouse packing stations, manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard

Packing stations from Spaceguard are ideal for warehouse use. Many packing bench and packing station manufacturers build basic standard models, however however our products can be designed entirely bespoke.

We do also offer 'standard' products, though in many circumstances a customisable packing bench just can not be beaten.

Our packing stations are built to any size you require. Whether your requirement is for one or one hundred, Spaceguard is happy to meet your packing workstation needs.

We have manufactured many types of fully bespoke warehouse packing stations with so many custom options. Feel free to browse our site and galleries to see examples of our work.

Our sales team is available to answer your questions and assist in the bench design process. Please contact us with your enquiries.

Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk

We offer fast quotes on packing tables at affordable prices.