Height adjustable workbenches manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard

We offer a wide range of both standard and bespoke height adjustable workbenches, each manufactured to the highest quality in our East Yorkshire based factory.

They arrive fully assembled and ready for work, with a welded steel frame and a worktop of your choosing. These are strong and robust workbenches, intended for long lasting use in all manner of industrial and other arduous environments.

There are several adjustment options to choose from, starting with a simple pin method, a winding handle, touch button electrical controls, right up to scissor lift tables.

Whatever your requirement, Spaceguard offer a range of height adjustable workbench products to suit your needs.

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Adjusting your workbench height

Height adjustable workbenches are simple and safe to adjust the height. Spaceguard workbenches are designed for industrial & packing process use use in demanding assembly areas and workshops. The height adjustable, coupled with the efficient bench design and layout also aim to be employee-friendly and ergonomic. Spaceguard manufacture durable industrial workbenches, with options for the additional adjustable flexibility.

There are 3 different mechanisms available to adjust the working height of the bench between its various heights.

height adjustable workbench

Allen Key
Perhaps the simplest and most cost effective option you can choose is the allen key height adjustment mechanism. When the screws are loosened, at intervals down the edge of the bench legs, the height can be adjusted. Then when tightened again they keep the new level firmly in place, ready for work to resume.

Hand Crank
The second option is adjustment via a manual hand crank. All you need to do is turn the conveniently placed hand crank clockwise or counter-clockwise to raise or lower the workbench to the desired height

Electric Motor
The third way of adjusting the workbench height is by using an electric motor. Simply press the easily accessible up and down buttons to achieve the perfect working height for your current job. This is the quickest and easiest way to change the workbench height and keep production rolling.

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Height adjustable packing stations

All height adjustable tables are made to order in our UK based factory