Incline Conveyor Calculators

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Incline Conveyor Calculators

When planning for a conveyor system design, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account. These calculators are designed to assist in working out safe incline angles, conveyor heights, and other useful measurements. The box tumbling calculator gives the maximum angle at which products can safely be transported without tumbling.

Please note: These should be used as a guide only. When constructing a conveyor system please seek advice from a specialist.


Incline Conveyor Length Calculator

When using a grip faced belt the maximum incline angle is 23°

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edge a = units
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edge c = units
angle A = degrees
angle B = degrees
Total area = square units
Right Triangle

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belt conveyor system

Box Tumbling

Your maximum angle is:

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Motor Power Calculation

Belt Pull Result:

Motor Power Result:

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