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How do I setup my gravity conveyor?

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Gravity conveyor setup

A gravity roller conveyor is a low cost method of reducing manual lifting and handling. When used in the correct application the perform reliably, giving a long service life.

Is my product suitable for a gravity roller conveyor?
If it has a flat bottom and the length can be spread over three rollers. The product will go down a roller conveyor. It is important to select the right rollers and construction to make sure the conveyor is fit for purpose.

For my product to travel down a gravity roller conveyor, what angle do I require?

Rollers with semi precision oiled bearings


0.5Kg to 2.5Kg = 42mm per metre
2.5Kg to 7.0Kg = 35mm per metre
7.5Kg to 25.0Kg = 30mm per metre

Rollers with semi precision oiled bearings

Plastic Totes

10.0Kg to 25.0Kg = 42mm per metre
25.0Kg to 50.0Kg = 35mm per metre
50.0Kg to 100.0Kg = 30mm per metre

Gravity declines are difficult to precisely predict
The force required to initially start to move object is more than that required to keep the object moving. When a number of products are put down together the speed will also increase down the decline. As each gathers angular momentum.
If a decline is required. This should be specified and supplied with adjustable legs. Which should be adjusted to suit during installation.