Curved Conveyor Bends

Conveyor bends allow for flexibility in conveyor system layouts to maximise floor space.

By using bends the conveyor system can be planned to suit the environment, avoiding building structures and obstructions such as existing immoveable machinery.

Efficient conveyor system planning leads to cost savings, with less floor space required overall.  This allows your process to grow without needing to move to larger premises.

Spaceguard manufacture conveyors with a multitude of custom features, with a wide range of options for material, drive, width, guides, and bend angles. Our design engineers have in depth experience and understanding of the specific challenges that different industries face. We offer a full design service with optional 3D rendering available for bespoke projects.

We also offer extremely competitive pricing, with a guarantee of friendly non-technical advice to help you get the best conveyor to suit your needs. In most cases you will receive a same day no obligation quotation.

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Roller Conveyor Bends

Roller Conveyors are ideal for flat bottomed items such as boxes, trays, cartons and crates.

roller conveyor bends

Driven / Powered Roller Conveyor Bends

Powered roller conveyors either lineshaft driven or 24v motor powered.

Roller Material:
Mild steel Zinc plated
Stainless Steel


lean pack conveyor
roller conveyor bend
roller conveyor bend

Gravity Roller Conveyor Bends

Bend Angles:
30 º , 45 º , 60 º , 90 º

Roller Type:
Twin Track
Skate Wheel
Taper Roller

Roller Material:
Mild steel Zinc plated
Stainless Steel

Frame Material:
Powder Coated Mild Steel
Stainless Steel

Inside Radius:

Roller Diameter:
50mm (base roller)

gravity conveyor bend
gravity roller bend
gravity roller conveyor bend
gravity conveyor bend

Modular Conveyor Bends

Modular conveyors have a flexible belt consisting of interlocking plastic components. This allows the belt to curve around corners in a way that would be difficult using a standard conveyor belt.

food safe modular conveyor


Benefits of modular conveyors:

  • No tracking issues as found with traditional belts
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Extremely durable belting
  • Hygienic. Suitable for wash down.
  • Positive drive using sprockets
plastic conveyor belt
small modular conveyor
modular conveyor bend