Belt conveyor systems

As a UK belt conveyor system manufacturer, Spaceguard offers a wide range of standard and also bespoke built conveyors. For use as stand alone transport conveyors, or similarly as conveyor belts for integration into other equipment and machinery. They can also couple with other conveyor equipment making a belt conveyor system.

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About Conveyor Belt Systems

Transport conveyors

Standard belt conveyors reduce manual handling, making them ideal to transport goods.  As an example, many production lines use belt conveyors. We are ideally positioned for supplying transport conveyor belt systems as Spaceguard is a UK manufacturer.  Supplied fully wired and assembled as standard and ready to use. With standard options for variable speed and PEC control electrical control panels. This reduces the requirement for additional works. Built using quality components, in addition to proven designed. For an especially reliable low maintenance conveyor solution you can be assured Spaceguard is your ideal industry partner.

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Inclined belt conveyors

Whether you require a mezzanine inclined belt conveyor system for transferring goods between two floors,  or a troughed belt stainless steel flighted belt conveyor for use within food production. Spaceguard is your ideal manufacturing partner. Bringing a wealth of experience of producing reliable conveyor products. Built to suit your specific requirements.

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Why Are Belt Conveyors Used?

Conveyor belt systems are popular due to their time and labour saving benefits. Using a conveyor system leads to  a reduction in manual handling of materials. As a result of increased efficiency, higher volumes of goods can be processed. The use of belt conveyors is also space efficient. To move items with a conveyor requires less personnel. For this reason, Conveyor belts are often used for transporting products between stations in production and processing lines. 

The belt conveyor is also very versatile and can transport a wide range of objects, of all shapes and sizes. Conveyor belts are also useful in instances where the use of a roller conveyor system for example would be unsuitable. Items being too light, having irregular bottomed surfaces, or being too small could slip, or get stuck in the rollers.

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Spaceguard is a UK Manufacturer

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Why Spaceguard is the ideal partner to manufacture your conveyors

  • Complete in-house design & build service.
  • Proven reliable conveyor equipment.
  • Competitive pricing in addition to short lead times.
  • Choice of drum motors or geared motor drive.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Wherever possible delivered fully assembled and wired.
  • On site installation also available.


Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements

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