ESD Workbench for electronic repairs

ESD Workbenches UK manufactured to suit customer requirements

Spaceguard ESD workbenches are designed to to meet the needs and requirements of the electronics industry. Manufactured in our UK factory to your specifications these ergonomic work stations are built to suit your process. As a result our ESD workstations lead to an increase in productivity.

We are the ideal partner for electronics workbenches and also production systems, manufacturing robust comprehensive electrical benches along with automation between or within the workstations. Spaceguard electrical workstations are ideal for assembly, quality control, repair and testing.

Anti static ESD Workbenches, once grounded can be incorporated into a EPA. (Electrostatic protected area).

Due to the complex nature of ESD benches please contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirements and to also receive a free quotation.

Phone: 01482 363445

We offer fast quotes on ESD benches at great prices.
Phone: 01482 363445

Key features of Spaceguard ESD Workbenches

  • Compliant to IEC61340-5-1
  • Robust welded box section frame construction
  • Supplied fully assembled ready for work (NOT FLAT PACK)
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Manufactured in our UK factory to your specifications
  • Supplied fully assembled ready for work
  • Choice of worktops including full "ESD"
  • Fixed bench earthing points
  • Choice of worktops including full "ESD"
  • Comes fully wired electrically tested
  • Options for tool panels, lighting, sockets"
  • Choice of worktops including full "ESD"

See electrical workbench options page for more details


ESD Laminate Specifications

  • Abrasion Resistance to class H to EN438
  • Heat resistance: resists molten solder. Oilpoint test 20 minutes at 180 DegC
  • Meets EN438
  • Resistant to organic solvents, weak acids, alkali, petrol and oil
  • Volume resistance: Rv = 7.5 x 105 - <1 x 109 Ohms - conforms to BS IEC 61340-5-1
  • Grounded to mains earth point
Bespoke roller workbench

Integrated ESD workstations and automation for assembly and test lines

As a UK manufacturer, Spaceguard is able to work closely with customer to manufacture ESD production, process and testing lines to suit your specific process.

All our ESD workstation products are available with the wide range of accessories.

Please contact our sales to discuss your specific requirements.

ESD Anti static Floor mat

ESD approved floor matting.

EPDM foam backing for anti fatigue benefits.

Diamond patterned anti slip rubber top provides anti slip benefits and is also resistant to oil spills.

Grounded via a 10mm male stud which is factory fitted to the mat.

Bevelled on all sides even on cut lengths.

  • Depth: 9mm.
  • Wear resistance: Very Good.
  • Slip Resistance: Excellent.
  • Anti Fatigue: Very Good.
Floor mats
ESD Personal grounding

Personal ESD Grounding Products
Wrist straps, cords and heel grounders

A wide range of ESD grounding products meeting IEC-61340 standards are available for supply with Spaceguard workbenches. Including ESD wrist grounding straps and leads. Please Note: Alternative grounding method is through the foot and footwear to ESD control flooring or mats. A wide variety of footwear grounding devices are also available.

Antistatic ESD Chairs, stools and sit stands for electronic assembly areas

ESD chairs and stools conform EN 61340-5-1:2001 European Standard and suitable for use in static controlled environments. Our ESD chairs are designed and manufactured for use in the electronics and electrical industry. This range of chairs prevents the build up of static electricity by dissipating any static charges directly to earth via a conductive wheel or glide.

ESD mini roller tracks

ESD Mini roller tracks

Ideal for incorpation within ESD workbenches to move products. Or to be built within storage racking for the FIFO storage of container held parts.

We manufacture all ESD Workbenches to order to suit our customers' specification

Spaceguard medium duty Antistatic ESD workbenches are generally manufactured from 40 x 40 x 1.5, 50 x 50 x 1.5mm or 80 x 40 x 3mm steel box sections. They are solidly welded for strength and are also supplied fully assembled ready for work. As the benches are manufactured to order, the size of bench available depends on your application, needs and space constraints. All Spaceguard ESD workbenches come complete with heavy duty adjustable feet in addition to fixed earthing points.

Spaceguard ESD workbenches are available with a wide range of optional storage, assembly, IT, lighting, extraction and also electrical accessories which can be added at an additional cost. All electrical accessories come fully wired and tested as required.

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