Showing savings on large scale order fulfilment

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Showing savings on large scale order fulfilment

Large scale order fulfilment normally requires a flexible working environment. This allows for workstations to be re purposed or changed over to suit packing and despatch, or returned item processing. There is generally a need for enough space to process orders, without work areas being too large and causing inefficiency.

Normally the integration of IT systems is required to collate information from the processed items. This is required to be carried out thoroughly whilst also being efficient due to the nature of the pack or returns process,. Therefore other aids will often be required to bring down processing time. This moves away from a base standard workbench to something more fit for purpose.

For larger more complex systems a grouped approach is often used f. Or a more Lean system requiring less movement from person processing. Where there is a wide range of variables, a one fit incorrectly sized simple workbench is insufficient. It may seem ideal cost wise, however the wrong equipment will only show an initial cost saving and lead to a higher process cost – not a long term year on year return on investment. What you require is a bespoke solution based on your company, process and application.

Why order bespoke for fulfilment and packing stations?

Partnering with a bespoke workstation manufacturer will give long term productivity savings. Spaceguard works with your business to ensure a solution is provided which improves the whole processing area in efficiency and also aesthetics. An efficient and pleasant working environment is achievable through improvements specifically suited to your business, .

A bespoke solution is achievable through working directly with a UK manufacturer. Solutions where required can include conveyors, weighing and other automation. This will not necessary be vastly expensive or time consuming.

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