gravity roller conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyor System

A wide range of Gravity Roller Conveyor System types and accessories delivered ready for work with installation available.

Spaceguard manufactures a wide range of conveyors, including powered roller conveyors, and belt conveyors. Below is an overview of the types of gravity roller conveyor system Spaceguard manufacture.

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Gravity Roller Conveyor System

Straight Gravity Roller Conveyors

Roller Type:
Mild steel Zinc plated
Stainless Steel

Frames Material:
Mild Steel Powder Coated
Stainless Steel

Roller Diameters:
20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 63mm, 76mm, 80mm, 89mm, 102mm

Gravity Roller Conveyor Bends

Bend Angles:
30 º , 45 º , 60 º , 90 º

Roller Type:
Twin Track
Skate Wheel
Taper Roller

Frame Material:
Powder Coated Mild Steel
Stainless Steel

Inside Radius:

Roller Diameter:
50mm (base roller)

decline gravity conveyor
lift up gravity conveyor gate

Roller Conveyor Lift Up Access Gates

The lift up gate is used as a pedestrian access gate. These are generally for warehouse pathways or emergency access routes. The gate uses industrial gas springs to support weight of the gate whilst opening. As a result the gate is light to operate. Incidentally it may be possible to use the gate section as a stop. The lift up gate uses a 50mm diameter roller as standard.

Roller Conveyor Merges

The 30 º and 45 º Roller Conveyor Merge is used to bring two conveyor lines together

gravity conveyor merge
Flexible Skate Wheel Conveyor

Flexible Conveyors

Flexible conveyors expand and flex allowing them to bend to suit the environment or application. They are mounted on castors for ease of maneuverability.

Roller Type:
Zinc Plated Steel

Roller Diameter:
40mm, 50mm

Variable Lengths:
Open lengths - 1.5 to 9m
Closed lengths - 0.510m - 2.576m

Adjustable with variable height ranges from 470mm to 1530mm

Roller Conveyor Transfer Car

The Roller Conveyor Transfer Car runs on floor mounted tracks to travel between the gravity lines. Built to suit application, for example, board handling.

gravity transfer car
telescopic conveyor

Telescopic Conveyors

Telescopic Conveyors are used for loading and unloading of goods.Telescopic Roller Conveyors are found in warehouses, package distribution, loading, and delivery areas.

Side Frame Material:
Mild Steel

Side Frame Finish:
Powder Coated

Roller Material:
PVC in decks
Mild steel zinc plated on transfer sections and loading area.

Roller Diameter:
50mm (20mm for transfer sections)

Roller Pitch:

Roller Diameter:
50mm (20mm for transfer sections)

Roller Pitch:

Ball Transfer Tables

Ball Transfer Tables have rolling balls instead of straight parallel rollers. They're ideal for use with loading or feeding machines or for moving goods & materials.

Welded Mild Steel

Ball Diameter:

Ball Pitch:
150mm, 100mm, 75mm, 52mm

Load Rating:
40kg per ball

Ball Table Configuration:
Square or Diamond

Bespoke ball table
skate wheel gravity bend

Gravity Skate Wheel

An alternative to gravity rollers is skate wheels. Skate wheels are suitable for lighter loads, and are available in zinc plated steel or PVC. They generally move faster than standard rollers, and are used for flat bottom items. They can also handle items that are wider than the width of the conveyor

Roller Turntable

For changing the direction or turning items, can be used as part of a gravity roller conveyor system.

gravity roller conveyor system turn

Gravity Roller Conveyor System Accessories

Fixed End Stop

Bar fixed across the end of conveyor to stop product

Roller End Stop

Used to aid in removing product from the end of the conveyor

Roller Brake

Used to stop a bank of rollers for production accumulation.

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