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Out of Hours Conveyor Belt Extension

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Can you extend the belt conveyor for us?

The conveyor that Spaceguard provided over 10 years ago has run trouble-free 16 hours per day for the last 10 years!

During a site visit, the customer asked if we could extend their existing conveyor by 14 meters, making the new length 24 meters.

This had to be done without interfering with the packing operation as the company are in peak so, of course, this also has to be completed out of hours.

The Spaceguard team are used to working around our customer's requirements, so this was no problem at all. 

Belt conveyor extension

The installation had to take place out of operational hours and to be up and running ready for the morning shift

One of Spaceguard's site teams arrived at the customer's site late afternoon. This gave them time to pre-assemble the extension of the belt conveyor section and place it onto skates to wheel into position.

When the customer completed their fulfilment orders at around 8 pm, the work on disassembling the original conveyor began.

This involved taking off the end terminals, modifying leg positions, and upgrading the drive. Once the remedial work had been carried out, the new section was simply fitted in. After the completely normal five or so nervous minutes wondering if the belt length is definitely right the mechanical installation was completed.

A new conveyor control panel had to be used due to larger motors and changes in how the conveyor was to be used, so this was all wired and commissioned by 1 am.

Job done.

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