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Conveyor roller tracks

Conveyor roller tracks are an ideal addition to processing and packing applications. To generally reduce process timings, transportation, storage & handling.

From simple gravity roller conveyors through to fully integrated Lean process workstations or bespoke fitted rollers. With a wealth of experience working with both small and blue chip companies, working to improve productivity, reduce manual handling & also simplify process. By the introduction of efficient procedures and workstations along with materials handling equipment.  Spaceguard are an ideal process automation partner for your business.

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Stand alone roller tracks

Used commonly as transfer or transport conveyors for unit loads, Spaceguard manufactures and supplies gravity roller conveyors to suit your product and size requirement. Spaceguard is based in the UK, allowing well engineered single and also twin tier conveyors to be manufactured quickly and at a competitive price.

Lean process roller conveyor workstations (cells)

Lean process roller conveyor workstations provide large savings in process time, whilst also improving product quality, ergonomic position and personnel morale. Spending slightly more on reducing process time will normally bring large savings.

Carton and part storage racks

Spaceguard manufacture a wide range of carton storage roller racks using minitrack rollers and also steel rollers for heavy duty tote or tooling applications.

Robust solutions for special applications

Gravity roller manufactured for even the most arduous of applications, whether high loads or liquids, fragile or delicate products. Spaceguard are an ideal manufacturer to work with you on even the most bespoke of roller tracking projects.

Integrated roller track

By integrating roller tracking into fixed workstations within your process line brings productivity and manual handling savings. With options for roller brakes or pins where required to hold the part steady whilst been worked on. These units are bespoke and designed with you specifically for your application

Robust ball transfer tables

Ball transfer tables manufactured for even the most arduous of applications. Spaceguard are an ideal manufacturer to work with you on even the most bespoke of roller tracking projects.

Driven conveyors

By converting or replacing gravity sections with driven rollers, manual labour is reduced in addition to maintaining heights and product control.

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