Over conveyor workstation manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard

Fitting of an over conveyor workstation changes simple transport conveyors into beneficial assembly, packing, or testing spaces.

Over conveyor workstations are designed to provide access to tools, equipment or packing materials without obstructing impeding the transport stream. As a result this is an effective way of turning a simple gravity roller conveyor, into a fully functioning assembly or process line. The Conveyor workstation is suitable in addition to any new or existing belt conveyor or gravity roller conveyor.

Designed to suit the specific operation carried out. With storage and information for the operator, giving workers better ergonomic position. Business owners as a result receive higher productivity with minimal investment.

Conveyor workstations generally provide organization and workflow to your product or packing line. Whilst maximizing floor space and as a result increasing productivity. Improve facility aesthetics. Simply “they reduce the time and errors in processing orders”.

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Phone: 01482 363445
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over conveyor roller storage render

Order collation station

Generally ideal for multi pick applications. Mounted over the conveyor, boxes of parts usually load on to the workstation. This allows for easy collation and also packing into shipping cartons. This is a low cost method of increasing productivity. Available with mini roller tracks and full width conveyor rollers dependent on the product stored.

over conveyor packing line render

Packing conveyor workstation

Used for final packing and void fill of boxes. As the carton passes the contents can be checked and final packing materials added. This unit can include packing material storage both under and over conveyor. Packaging roll cutters are also good way to improve safety in the packing area. In addition to packing materials, IT equipment including label printers and also barcode readers can be integrated into the workstation.

over conveyor assembly line

Assembly conveyor workstation

Ideal for assembly lines. The over conveyor workstation takes a standard conveyor and changes it into a full assembly line. This has the flexibility for moving, changing and also adapting as your company and products change. This makes these units ideal to for productive work cells as companies needs grow, whilst ensuring flexibility to cater for future growth. Units can also include parts storage, additional work space. electrical sockets, Overhead mounted tool rails, IT equipment, equipment shadow boards or tool peg boards.

over conveyor line render

IT and Electrical over conveyor workstations

There is often a requirement to for IT based functions within the assembly, collation and packing of products. Spaceguard is able to manufacture workstations for use either as stand alone units or for incorporation into order collation, packing or assembly work stations.

gravity roller conveyor

Conveyors and automation

Along with manufacturing the comprehensive selection of workstation and accessories, Spaceguard also manufactures and supplies a wide range of roller and belt conveyors. From both stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. These can be used as stand alone units or with electrical controls for a fully functional conveyor system.