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Modular conveyors – manufactured in the UK by Spaceguard.

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About Modular Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors by Spaceguard provide a reliable solution for a wide variety of conveyor applications. The positive driven belt conveyor is able to be configured to conveyor products. For example horizontally, up inclines and round corners (space permitting). The hygienic design of the medium duty conveyor is ideal for many areas including industrial and direct food applications. It is particularly suitable in environments where after use cleaning and wash down is required. This is especially important in food processing for example.

Straight running open pitch
Straight running closed pitch
sideflexing corner turn belt

Spaceguard has many years of experience in delivering reliable bespoke stainless steel conveyors for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We also have an excellent relationship with many leading industries who trust us to supply their belt conveyors. As a UK manufacturer Spaceguard is an ideal partner to deliver a robust and also reliable long lasting conveyors, at a realistic cost to your requirements.

Modular Conveyor Systems from Spaceguard

  • Hygienic design, suitable for cleaning, also wash down.
  • Proven conveyor product. therefore low maintenance.
  • Length and widths to your specification, as a result tailored to suit your application
  • Quality reliable components in addition to excellent customer service.
  • FDA Approved materials.
  • Supplied together with manuals including material compliance information.
modular belt conveyor

In addition to modular belt conveyors, Spaceguard is also a manufacturer of many types of industrial workspace products, and workstations. Supplying robust, low maintenance and high quality equipment for numerous industry applications. We understand that the process of conveyor belt type selection and deciding on the specifications is very important, as getting this right will lead to optimum performance. If you require any information regarding our products and out bespoke manufacturing service please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales team.


In addition to modular conveyors, Spaceguard also manufacture: