Spaceguard is a leading producer of Industrial and Workshop Workbenches

Workbench vices, storage solutions, drawers, louvre panels, cupboards, and pegboards all available for Spaceguard welded heavy duty industrial workbenches.

Spaceguard are a UK manufacturer of custom robust industrial workbenches. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing, fully welded and assembled. “Ready to work” industrial workbenches, to a wide variety of customer industries. Including Automotive, electronic, recycling, education, food, pharmaceutical and general industry. From our manufacturing site in East Yorkshire. Spaceguard manufactures a wide variety of standard and bespoke fully customizable industrial workbenches.


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Workbench Options & Accessories

packing bench with upper shelf

Upper Shelf

black top bench

Lower Shelf

workbench hanging rail

Hanging Rail

engineers vice

Engineers Vice

workbench vice

Woodworking Vice

Woodworking Inset Vice

Woodworking Inset Vice

workbench cupboard

Bench Mounted Cupboard

louvre panels

Louvre Panels

bench drawers

Bench Mounted Drawers

tool peg board

Peg Board

Worktop Options

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Electrical & IT Industrial Workbench Accessories

workbench trunking

Bench Trunking

socket island

Socket Island

island fittings

Island Fittings

fluorescent lighting strip

Fluorescent light

led lighting strip

LED Light

articulated magnifying

Articulated Magnifying

usb hub

Cat5 / USB Hubs

keyboard drawer

Keyboard Drawers

pc tower mounting

CPU Mounting

secure pc tower mounting

Secure CPU Mounting

monitor stand

Monitor Stand

multiple monitor brackets

Multiple Monitors

esd matting

ESD Matting & Kits

esd chair

ESD Chairs

earth bond

Earth Bond

earth bond plugs

Earth Bond Plugs

esd straps

Straps & Cables

We offer fast quotes on workbenches at great prices.
Phone: 01482 363445

Why buy a Spaceguard Industrial Workbench?

Delivered Ready For Work

Our products arrive fully assembled and hassle free.

Fully Customisable

We manufacture items to order to suit your needs.

Robust Construction

Uniform load rating of up to 500 Kg in addition to high load levelling feet.

Choice Of Finish

Powder coatings offered in a wide range of colours.

Excellent Customer Service

Our team are happy to offer advice & suggestions.

Competitive Pricing

Flexible quotations to suit your workbench budget.